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Let’s Know Young Gorkha Achiever Roshan Rai

Posted by Ramesh Khati on May 10, 2009

“ Hardwork is the key to  Success”

Roshan Rai with friends in London International Model SchoolRoshan Rai with friends in London International Model School

Roshan Rai in Dhaka Topi with his friends and Gorkhe Chelis in UKRoshan Rai in Dhaka Topi with his friends  in UK

Mr Roshan Rai, a young Gorkha son born to Shri Ajit Rai and Smt Sabitri Rai in 1988 has proved to be a boon and sunshine for his parents and the entire Gorkhali community.

Roshan Rai, a young boy around 18 years born in lower middle class Gorkhali family, was brought up in a small village Surupathar in Assam. His initial education happened in his village and later he appeared for his 10th examination from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV) where he was successful in securing 91%.

From his early school days he was involved in various sports activities too. He represented his school in All India Navodaya Sports Meet as one of his school’s basketball contingent. Later in that same event he was adjudged the best player and his team turned out to be the winners in northeast. He also participated in mountaineering and allied sports in Shimla in 2005, there too he was granted A grade in all activities.

After great success  in education and sports, his name was included for a free education scholarship to UK in the year 2006. After his 10th result, he was handpicked from the entire northeast India by International Baccuralate.

After the completion of one year of his education in UK ( Hasting East Sussex) he was back to India to visit his parents and dear ones in Surupathar. He told us that he appeared in one exam in UK and he got an average of 2200 out of 2400 total marks i.e. equivalent to 98%.

Here’s an excerpt of interview with Roshan Rai with Gorkhatimes correspondent Rupak Chetri in Dimapur, Nagaland, India.

Roshan Rai

Roshan Rai

1) Rupak ( GT): What are your future aspirations?

Roshan: I want to build up my career and name in entire U.K, where I got the opportunity to learn. Along with that I will fulfill my duties towards my parents and community.

2) Rupak( GT): What are your hobbies?

Roshan: Hobbies, well! I like to play in computers and to surf to know more about world ,reading novels, listening music especially Nepali songs because I am a Gorkhali and I can’t forget It, above all I want to stick to my roots through it.

3) Rupak(GT): As a Teenager you made so many achievements, what is the key to your Success ?

Roshan: Hard work and confidence always is the key to success.

4) Rupak(GT): Whom do you want to thank for this position?

Roshan: First and foremost I like to thank almighty god because of him I am in this position.Secondly I like to thank my parents , family members ,friends , teachers, school environment from which I learned so many things and these people are the keys behind what I am today.

5) Rupak (GT): What are your ideologies and principles ?

Roshan: Everyone has talent which is given by God but the thing is that one has to utilize in good way. Your talent can expose you to success but to get there you need sincere effort.

6) Rupak ( GT): How do you adjust in our traditional festive seasons?

Roshan: I do remember my home and place and miss them during the festive seasons. But we celebrate there in UK also with friends, we enjoy in holi, and organize traditional fashion shows and more things like that.

7) Rupak ( GT): What is Your Message to Youths especially Gorkhalis living in India?

Roshan: Hello sir! I am not big enough to give a message to our youths .But if you insist , my message is that as you know that we are minorities in India and literacy position is not that good in India. My sincere prayer and request to the Gorkhali parents would be that please! send your children to school so that they can learn basic things in life. Also the Gorkha youths should realize the value of timetable in daily life, they should realize that time can’t wait for long, before its too late let us wake up from darkness,they must also realize that their parents are taking all the trouble, money and effort to send them to school they should not waste their love ,hardwork, money and effort by roaming and wasting time in unproductive work.

Gorkha Son Roshan Rai gave his valuable time to us inspite of his busy schedule, as he was here after a year long stay in UK to visit his family members, we are thankful to him. This young boy not only brought laurels to his family members and relatives but he makes the entire Gorkha community proud, and definitely we can say that he will be a great Gorkha achiever one day. Only our prayers and blessing is needed for him and to all our Gorkha youths aswell. We wish you all the success Roshan Rai and all the best in life.

Interviewed By: Rupak Chetri

Rupak Chetri

Rupak Chetri

Rupak Chetri is a free lance journalist from Dimapur.He is actively involved with lot of Gorkha NGOs and regularly writes for Gorkhatimes and Saparivar. He can be reached out at email:- chetrirupak@gmail.com and cell:- +91 9862873821


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