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Monthy Horoscope June 2009

Posted by Ramesh Khati on June 1, 2009


The desire to plump your nest and acquire possessions this month is very strong, dear Aries. You’re probably going to have to keep an eye out for impulse buys, but there’s no harm in spending on some luxury items within your means. You might have great ideas about how to make money, but watch for spending whatever gains you make now. You’re busy with errands, studying, learning, and communicating before life settles down and domestic matters come into strong focus in the last week of the month. June 20-22 are intense, lively days for you, particularly when it comes to love relationships.


It’s an exceptionally self-expressive and exhilarating month for you, dear Taurus. You are filled with energy, initiative, and vitality, and you have the powers of attraction on your side to boot. Reflection and rest in the past months begins to pay off, and you feel more confident going after what you want. The 20-23 is strong for animal magnetism, but money matters might be the subject of conflict or stress with a partner. This is also possible around the Full Moon on the 7th. Personal hobbies and romance are especially fulfilling in June. A job offer or opportunity might come your way.


All eyes are on you in June, dear Gemini, and your ability to persuade, enchant, and delight others returns with gusto after a few weeks of possible misunderstandings in May. Nevertheless, energy and vitality might sometimes be lacking, as you require more rest and time for reflection. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes, and you might find yourself re-evaluating important parts of your life. Partnerships require sensitivity around the Full Moon on the 7th. Preparing a budget and solid plans for handling your finances more effectively is in order on the 22-24.


Your social calendar is busy this month, dear Cancer. Networking, spending time with friends, and group activities bring much stimulation in June. You might be enjoying an increase in business income, and you have many plans for future projects now. While you’re certainly planting a few seeds for the future, your thoughts also turn to the past, as you review what has been working for you, and what needs to be left behind. The New Moon on the 22nd brings a sense of renewal and a new personal beginning. Conflict with a significant other might set the stage for change.


There’s a spirit of competitiveness in your work this month, dear Leo, which can be quite invigorating and pleasant. Your ambitions are stimulated, and you easily find motivation to accomplish exactly what you set out to do. You might be recognized for your personal magnetism, as well as the creative way you express your ideas. June is a strong period for making connections, particularly professional ones. Status quo in your love life is broken around the Full Moon on the 7th, and you’re ready to have some fun. The need for rest becomes apparent at the New Moon on the 22nd.


Even though you have been taking life rather seriously recently, dear Virgo, you’re bound to surprise a few people in June with a more playful and spirited attitude. While professional matters remain a strong focus, you’re very willing to put your business manner aside outside of the office. Your joie de vivre attracts positive attention this month. With the desire for adventure in your heart, you might make more exotic travel plans that you normally would. Your need for the support and company of friends becomes apparent in the last week of June.


Intensity of feeling and an adventurous spirit are themes of June, dear Libra. You are not accepting things at face value this month, particularly when it comes to close personal relationships. Superficial interactions fail to satisfy you, and the urge to get to the bottom of matters is strong. Watch for suspiciousness. While there is much to discover this month, you might be reading too much into the situation. A desire for experiences that transcend the ordinary dominates. The 7th brings surprising news. Changes on the home front motivate you to approach your career in a different way from the 22nd.


A close relationship heats up this month, dear Scorpio. Whether it is your partner who is initiating exciting changes, or it’s you who is looking for more spice, June brings a more impassioned approach to relating. It’s a great period for enhancing or attracting love. Personal plans tend to be on the back burner for the time being, as the needs of significant others seem more pressing concerns. Financial matters that you have been avoiding demand attention around the Full Moon on the 7th. The 22-23 could bring some tension surrounding work.


Your personal plans are not a big priority these days, dear Sagittarius. You are far too busy tending to others’ needs and demands. Fortunately, most of these activities are enjoyable. Your charisma skyrockets on the job, and some friendly competition keeps work matters stimulating. The 7th brings surprising revelations. The 17-18 is strong for travel and learning, as well as personal recognition and positive feedback. Financial tensions around the 22-23 motivate you to come up with a new financial plan, and the last week of June is a good time for doing so.


June is a brilliant month for personal magnetism, dear Capricorn. Your love life speeds up, and creativity soars. Others appreciate your manner and style more than usual. Leisure activities figure strongly, but you are also very concerned with getting the job done. Re-organizing and tending to important paper work eases your mind so that you can enjoy hobbies and entertainment without guilt. It’s a balanced month, overall. The 22nd brings the need for the support of a partner and the beginning of a cycle in which relationships are your top priority.


A lot of your energy is poured into domestic matters in June, dear Aquarius, but you nevertheless find time for fun and games. In fact, you may be in the mood for entertaining in your home. You need outlets for your creative impulses, and you are seeking appreciation. Repairs, redecorating, and home improvement activities are favored. You not only have an eye for style, you have the energy to make changes. A friend needs support on the 7th. The last week of June brings health, work, and daily routines into focus. The urge to re-organize is strong.


Creative self-expression is strong in June, dear Pisces. Any writer’s block or problems expressing yourself disappear. The urge to reach out and communicate with others is powerful now, and might even be profitable! At the very least, new friendships or the strengthening of ties with acquaintances are likely this month. Honest, hearty conversations with important people in your private life are satisfying and productive. The 7th brings a flurry of professional activity that demands your attention. Otherwise, your focus is on your personal life, neighborhood, friends, and family.


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