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8 year girl fells victim to poisonous mushrooms CRH authorities harass family members for body release

Posted by Ramesh Khati on June 14, 2009

GANGTOK, June 13: An eight year old child passed away and three other persons fell seriously sick after the poverty ridden family consumed poisonous wild mushrooms for dinner.
The family members of PB Rai hailing from the remote area of Chumbung- Chakung in West Sikkim had consumed the poisonous wild mushrooms for dinner last Monday.
According to the family members, they had been compelled to eat mushrooms collected from the wild as they have no other vegetables apart from rice grains.
The compulsion soon turned into a tragedy with Mr. Rai’s eight year old niece Nitasha Rai falling victim to the poisonous mushrooms and three other senior members of the family falling seriously sick.
The deceased was studying in class three and succumbed to food poisoning during treatment at Manipal Central Referral Hospital (CRH) here today morning. She was staying with her grandparents for study purposes. It is informed that the deceased child was a meritorious student.
The other three ill family members are under medical treatment at the hospital.
It may be recalled that four members of a Lepcha family including three children in Dzongu had died after eating poisonous mushrooms collected from the wild last month.
Meanwhile, the family members have alleged the CRH of acting cruelly to them during the post mortem formalities today. The CRH authorities had allegedly expressed their inability to conduct the post mortem as today was a ‘government holiday’.
“We were much hurt by the hurting words of the authorities here who told us to take the body only on Monday as today was a government holiday. We are from a very remote area and they did not understand our sorrows and problems”, said a family member.
The aggrieved family members had to struggle hard to get the post mortem formalities done and get the body of their niece released.

Source: The Sikkim Express


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