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Nepal asks where those six missing border pillars are?

Posted by Ramesh Khati on June 16, 2009

What is for sure is that the Southern “big brother” flexes its muscles as and when Nepal as nation-state remains embroiled in its internal weaknesses.

And unfortunately, the prevalence of such weaknesses has now become a permanent phenomenon thanks the kind courtesy of India born, Koirala and Madhav Nepal-who is presumed, as the Indian media claims, to have taken birth in Sita Marhi, Bihar, India.

Koirala and Madhav’s assistants are countless who have been assisting these two shameless Nepali leaders (but do they posses Nepali hearts and souls?) and thus encourage the Indian establishment to pounce upon mother Nepal.

Mother Nepal, if she exists at all, must have wept for years looking at the Nepali versions of Lendhup Dorjes’ anti-national activities being conducted by her “illustrious sons”.

The Dorjes’ have already handed over Tanak Pur, Koshi, Gandak, Mahakali, and Arun (and many more are in the pipeline, we have been told) to their mentors seated in New Delhi in lieu of being in power in Kathmandu.

These power mongers!

Of late, these Dorjes have been assisting the Indian regime to encroach upon our lands along the international border in the Southern plains.

Several demarcation pillars along the Nepal-India international borders have been found missing or at best being pushed deep inside the Nepali territories.

The recent on-the-spot visit made by some Constituent Assembly members, led by Amik Sherchan, found that Nepali lands have been grossly encroached upon and the local Nepali residents fleeing from their respective homes in order to save themselves from the brutality of the Indian Security Forces.

No wonder then fresh news reveals that some two dozen border pillars in Parsa district that borders India are in a worn out condition and some six border pillars that separate India and Nepal are mysteriously missing.

This has come to the open when a joint team of Armed Police, Janpath Police, and central survey department went for an inspection of the supposed land encroachment site and made public their final report.

The pillar number 419/14 was found deep inside water. Other border pillars which should have been seen in place in the village of Pidari Guthi and Mahadev Patti, for example, with the numbers 425/25, 427/23 are simply missing.

Says the Chief District Officer of Parsa district, Mr. Durga Prasad Bhandari, “since most of the existing border pillars remain in a very bad shape and thus efforts need to be made at the earliest in order to protect further invasion of Nepali lands”.

We found some half a dozen border pillars missing, adds Mr. Bhandari.

He further says that there is the Indian encroachment even in the no man’s land (Dus Gujja).

While this is the story of Nepal’s plight, the great sons of Mother Nepal under Defeated Mr. Nepal , at time of the writing this piece-3:45 PM-are quarrelling over the distribution of lucrative ministerial portfolios.

Mother Nepal has reasons to weep.

Mother Nepal may cry even in a louder voice when India elevated Mr. Defeated Nepal will provide his positive nod to the much publicized Extradition Treaty as demanded by the Indian establishment.

Indian Foreign Secretary Shiv Shanker Menon is scheduled to visit Delhi’s new protectorate, Nepal, by all means now, Saturday, June 20, 2009, to fix Delhi’s schemes.

Unfortunate Mother Nepal. Bear with your KAPUTS.

Source: Telegraph Nepal


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