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Is This The Way We Should Treat Our Parents?

Posted by Ramesh Khati on June 17, 2009

Tek Bahadur with Mr Subba

Tek Bahadur with Mr Subba

Written By:- Rupak Chetri

Few years back probably it was 2005, I was passing by a busy market in Dimapur, Nagaland. I saw an elderly man wearing a Dhaka Topi crawling on the road.
The Dhaka Topi caught my attention and I couldn’t stop myself from going close to that person to get a closer look. What I saw there was a Gorkha with no legs wearing a Dhaka Topi trying to cross the road.
I couldn’t stop myself, so that day itself I brought him to the Gorkha Mandir in Dimapur, so as to ask him how he landed up in that situation.
By the time we reached Gorkha Mandir other Gorkha brothers, Purohit Bisweshwar, Dr Gewali and Mr Subba (President Dimapur Gorkha Youth Association{DGYA}) had already gathered in the mandir. As we all stood by him, he started narrating his story.
He said, ”I am Tek Bahadur Chhetri a resident of Amaula village under sub division in Dimapur District Nagaland. I was born in 1942. Earlier I used to work in Pioneer Company which mainly dealt with constructing roads and bridges. During a routine work with Pioneer I happen to injure my leg. Initially I thought that it was a minor accident but it turned out to be a major fracture which turned into septic without proper treatment. When I eventually went for treatment I was told to amputate my leg.
With only one leg I had to quit the job and now a bigger problem arised, I had to feed five children at home along with my wife. So I started working in paddy fields, crushed stones and weaved bamboo baskets to sell in the market. Some how I managed to raise my children and married off my two daughters.
Some how life was going on, but in 2003 while returning home something bit me on my leg, it was dark I couldn’t make out what it was. By the time I reached the hospital my leg had swollen up and doctors revealed the shocking news that I was bitten by a snake and that it was too late and they didn’t had any other choice but to amputate my other leg too.

Tek Bahadur Chhetri after both his legs were amputated

Tek Bahadur Chhetri after both his legs were amputated

After that day all hell broke loose on me. My two elder sons left me after they got married and two daughters too never seemed bothered to come by after I married them away. Some how I used to work with my one leg now that too was not possible. I had to sell off whatever I had to sustain my family and moving from one place to another seemed like eternity. I started praying to god, what next?
Out of desperation I moved out of my village and was roaming in town, you saw me and brought me here”.
We all were deeply shocked and moved. That night we made him sleep in the Mandir, fed him and looked after him. Then the next day Mr Subba (President DGYA) along with Dr Gewali went to Lions Club of Dimapur to discuss what could be done regarding this matter.

Tek Bahdur with Tri Cycle

Tek Bahadur with fellow Gorkha Brothers and people from Lions Club Dimapur

President of Lions Club offered to give Tri-Cycle meant for handicapped people to Tek Bahadur as help on behalf of Lions Club. Later DGYA approached the Nagaland Government for help. Nagaland Government offered to pay Rs 1200/- per year to Tek Bahadur as Handicap Pension.
Some how Tek Bahadur started to regroup his life, but for how long? After 3-4 years few days back I saw him crawling again on the streets of Dimapur. The Very next day I decided to pay him a visit in his village.

I came to know through him that the tricycle through which he moved has completely broken down and he doesn’t have the money to buy a new one. Later I collected the broken down tricycle and handed over it to the Lions Club of Dimapur, and they have promised to replace it within few months.
But, how long is he going to stay like this as he has a 7 years old boy and a wife at home to feed too. My sincere question to everyone is, while he was capable he looked after his kids, fed them, sheltered them and provided them whatever he could manage. Isn’t it their duty too to look after their parents?
How can we call ourselves human when we are not humane to our own parents? It’s a shame, how can we even eat when ours parents are dying in front of us everyday. Wake Up! Gorkha Youths and for heaven’s sake love, respect and care for your parents.

Rupak Chetri

Rupak Chetri

Rupak Chetri is a free lance journalist from Dimapur.He is  actively involved with lot of  Gorkha NGOs and regularly writes for Gorkhatimes and Saparivar. He can be reached out at email:- chetrirupak@gmail.com and cell:- +91 9862873821


4 Responses to “Is This The Way We Should Treat Our Parents?”

  1. Vivek said

    Dear Rup…..
    Its a awesome story which touch the heart of every indian parents , keep it up. hope to read more update in efforts and role played by you and Ramesh Ji…..
    Thank you

  2. mahin said

    its nice to know that writers from our society has surpassed every barriers of caste and creed , which is comparable to other community in large .
    its a nice efforts that the blog has come which not only help us to know the basic amenties of life but its a future for young generation .keep it up Ramesh ji,
    i have gone through the article written by rupak is wonderful and that is still prevaling in our society , a great work , hope to come up with more good works in life …… Good luck Guys

    • Thank you so much Mahin Ji for the concern and appreciation. Indeed our brothers there in Dimapur and Rupak Chetri have done a commendable job and they must be thanked. Gorkhatimes will do its best to highlight and bring to notice more of cases like this.We need your moral support in our endeavour Thank you once again.

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