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Sikkim gets its first BPO

Posted by Ramesh Khati on June 18, 2009

GANGTOK, June 17: In a giant leap towards bringing IT benefits right into the Northeastern region despite the region’s location and infrastructure deficits, the first Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) unit of Sikkim today started its operations from the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) complex here at Sikkim Jewels, Tadong.
The Gangtok BPO is run and managed by Humsay I Global Services Ltd. The company which also runs BPOs in Gurgaon will be sending some of its works sourced from Canada and USA to the Gangtok BPO. A team of eight agents are being trained for the BPO in the initial phase.
State IT minister NK Pradhan inaugurated the BPO at Tadong today morning in presence of the Sikkim MP PD Rai, State urban development minister and area MLA DB Thapa, State IT department officials and the company promoters.
In his inaugural address, Mr. Pradhan said that the State government is giving a lot of priority to the IT sector in Sikkim and added that ‘the government is aware that communication is the need of the hour’. “We are thinking of establishing a software park in Sikkim and process for land acquisition has begun”, he said.
Commenting on the Gangtok BPO, the minister expressed his hopes that the Sikkimese people working in BPOs outside will come back to the State and work here where such opportunities have now been created.
The BPO promoter Anil Joshi rationalized that setting up a BPO in Sikkim and other parts of Northeast region will definitely help the youths of Northeast in getting a job in their home town and get a competitive salary.
“Around 30-40 percent of the BPO employees in India are from the Northeast and our idea by starting a BPO in Sikkim is to take employment right to the doorsteps of the Northeast States like Sikkim”, said Mr. Joshi.
Sikkim was chosen for the company’s BPO as the State has a stable government and offers conducive and peaceful environment for investors, said Mr. Joshi. He added that the Gangtok BPO is a pilot project and is a step forward towards making Sikkim a favourable destination for the BPO industry.
The BPO centers will also help in attracting other industries to Sikkim by demonstrating the viability of smooth operations. Increased infrastructure will help in doing so. It’s a spiral effect which will help the whole economy grow”, said Mr. Joshil
“We are going to work for US clients and get some works to here from our BPOs in Gurgaon in a seamless manner”, said Sushil Ramola, the co-promoter. We already have a pool of manpower here in Sikkim and things will evolve but it will take time, he said.
Sikkim MP Prem Das Rai who had played a catalyst role in bringing the first BPO in Sikkim said that once issues like constant power supply and communication issues improves, it will not be difficult to get major BPO companies like Wipro and Infosys in Sikkim. “We are thinking big for the next five years and want to make Sikkim the No.1 in Eastern region”, he said.

source: Sikkim Express


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