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Three murders spread panic among residents of Rangpo

Posted by Ramesh Khati on June 19, 2009

RANGPO, June 18: Two murders and one missing case in a quick span of time have set the alarm bells ringing among the terrified residents of Rangpo on both sides of the border.
All the three cases were reported on the night of June 14. Firstly, Sanjay Rai was found seriously injured at Rangpo River inside Sikkim territory.
Rai, a resident of Rangpo (West Bengal) later succumbed to his injuries sustained from an assault by unknown persons.
In the second case, a resident of Melli, South Sikkim was found murdered at Rangpo (West Bengal area) on the same night. The deceased, Detton (46) was employed with the State Urban Development Department.
Meanwhile, a handy boy working in a truck at Rangpo (West Bengal) had gone missing. The clothes of the missing boy, Suku Rai was found the in the banks of the Rangpo River. It is suspected that someone had murdered the handy boy and dumped his body in the River.
Rangpo police on both sides of the border still have made no headway in all the above three cases.
Sources inform that a highway robbery group is active in the Rangpo (West Bengal) side and are reportedly looting the new drivers in the NH 31A.
Panicked residents of Rangpo have demanded that the police should take the matter seriously and curb the menace.

Source: Sikkim Express


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