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1 yr after death, Sam is forgotten

Posted by Ramesh Khati on June 29, 2009

New Delhi, June 28: A year after his death, Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, who had strategised India’s massive victory in the 1971 war with Pakistan, appears to be a forgotten hero.

On the first death anniversary of the legendary soldier on June 26, there was no event except for a commemoration function in Shillong on Saturday.

“It is rather surprising that India’s oldest Field Marshal and the man, who brought the greatest victory for India in the 1971 war, was altogether forgotten on his first death anniversary,” Upendra Arora of Natraj Publishers, who published Manekshaw’s official biography, said.

“Neither his regiment, nor any of the companies which had him on the board of governors did as much as make a small homage to the legend,” Mr Arora claimed.

A check with the defence ministry and Army headquarters revealed that except for the unveiling of Manekshaw’s statue at the 58 Gorkha Training Centre in Shillong yesterday there was no event in the country to mark the anniversary.

The Field Marshal’s own unit is currently serving in the field in an anti-insurgency role and hence has a simple ceremony to mark the occasion, Army officers said.

From their side, no event took place, defence ministry officials said.



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