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Sikkimese biomedical student’s research on olive based therapy for heart attacks attracts international attention

Posted by Ramesh Khati on June 29, 2009

Hemant Poudyal to do a poster presentation in Kuala Lampur international meet

GANGTOK, June 28: Ranipool resident Hemant Poudyal’s research work for finding an alternative medicine based on olive leaves for preventing heart attacks has attracted international attention.
Mr. Poudyal’s research during his studies in Australia had found olecuropein and hydroxytyrosol compounds in olive leaves which have medicinal properties. Tests of his research had proved 100 percent success in mice.
This success has led this 24 year old biomedical student to be invited to 7th Costamisfrr International Workshop 2009 scheduled to be held at Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.
The workshop will begin from July 9 and conclude on July 11 where Mr. Poudyal will be making a poster presentation on his research and findings for alternative medicine for preventing heart attacks.
Mr. Poudyal is presently studying at School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Queensland, Australia. The university is one of the top 32 university in the world. He had taken admission to the university in February 2008.
At the University of Queensland, Mr. Poudyal had conducted a research on finding alternative natural based medicines to tackle heart attack as part of his studies that led to his research on olive leaves. He is arguably the first Sikkimese person to conduct a research of such complex nature.
Heart attack is a major killer among humans and only synthetic drugs are presently used to tackle it and as such, Mr. Poudyal’s research on olive leaves has attracted the attention of medical world.
If his research prove successful in humans then Mr. Poudyal will earning much fame for Sikkim. A little help from the State government will boost him to find the alternative medicine based on natural resources for tackling heart attacks, it is informed.


Source: The Sikkim Express


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