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Chattre, aides on hunger-strike

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 3, 2009

JALPAIGURI, 2 JULY: The Gorkha Liberation Organisation chief and prime accused in the GNLF chief, Mr Subash Ghisingh, assassination attempt in 2001, Mr Chattre Subba and five co-accused launched a hunger strike for an indefinite period in Jalpaiguri jail today.
The agitators were demanding immediate release from jail.
Informing this, Mr Subba’s lawyer in the case, Mr Akhill Biswas said: “Mr Subba and five others have been in Jalpaiguri jail for the past seven years but the judgement is yet to come.
“The hearing of all the 76 witnesses along with several other judicial proceedings are also complete and the public prosecutor has completed his argument too. But when it was our turn to argue in defense, the case was transferred from the Jalpaiguri session court to an additional fast track third court for further argument and judgement. We do not know why the case was transferred as the session court had the complete authority to declare the judgement.”
“Frustrated with the turn of events, Mr Subba and the five other co-accused launched a hunger strike in the jail today. The case would next be heard on 13 July,” the lawyer added.
Stating that she was not aware of the hunger strike by Mr Subba and the five others, the Jalpaiguri district magistrate, Mrs Vandana Yadav said: “If they have launched the hunger strike, we will request them to withdraw it but we can not arrange their release as it is a judicial matter. We have nothing to do in this regard.”

Source: The Statesman


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