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Confusion in hospitals over blood with HIV traces

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 4, 2009

GANGTOK, 3 JULY: A mismatch of blood test results between pathologists of the Central Referral Hospital (Manipal CRH) and blood bank of the state run Sir Thutob Namgyal Memorial hospital (STNM), has caused a stir after the Manipal doctors claimed HIV strain was present in one of the three units of blood procured from STNM hospital on Monday.
According to technicians at the CRH, one of the three blood packs received from STNM showed faint traces of HIV after two rounds of spot tests. The blood pack was returned to STNM the same day for cross-examination. The head of department, pathology at the CRH, Dr Amlan Gupta refused to speak on the subject.
Dr Pema Seden, in-charge of the central blood bank, STNM ruled out the presence of HIV positive strain in the blood pack returned by the CRH authority. “Rapid tests alone are not substantial. Our confirmatory test ELISA (Enzyme-linked immunoassays) showed no such threat,” Dr Seden said. “We never send untested blood” she further added. Subsequently, the blood packs were tested at the State Aids Control Society (SSACS) laboratory. No HIV stain was found in it.
Both the hospitals accepted that use of different types of testing kits caused the confusion. Dr CM Sharma, junior specialist at the STNM blood bank affirmed of having tested the questionable blood packs using NACO (National Aids Control Organisation) certified kits, while the CRH authority refused to divulge the kit used for tests.
The STNM officials have held CRH technicians responsible for allegedly sensationalising the matter. It is also learnt that the STNM has sent a letter to the CRH dean to conduct multiple tests before disclosing the result. It has also been alleged that the CRH has violated the MOU for exchange of blood with STNM hospital. “Being a sensitive and confidential issue, this act is a violation of the World Health Organisation protocol,” said a doctor at the STNM Hospital.

Source: The Statesman


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