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Candid Conversation with the APSC cracker Gorkha sisters.

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 6, 2009

Nanda Kirati Dewan, Guwahti.

Born on 21st January 1983 to Shri Phanindra Sharma nad Smti. Bina Sharma of Dhenudhara Gohpur in Sonitpur district of Assam Rozy Rani Sharma passed her HSLC in 1998 with 79% marks, HSSLC in 2000 with 2nd rank throughout Assam and in 2003 BA in Pol Sc. with 1st class distinction. She completed her Masters from Gauhati University in 2005 also cleared UGC’s National Eligibility Test in 2006 and finally cleared APSC in 2009. Literarily sound she has many compositions and translations to her credit. She was pronounced to an inborn leader as she was elected General Secretary of Gohpur High School, Gen. Secy. and Vice President of Chaiduar College, Debate and Symposium Secy. of PGSU Gauhati University. She also served her community as Asst. Gen. Secy. of All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union and today she has qualified to take up charge as DSP of Assam Police a leader in true sense of term. Elder sibling Rashmi Rekha Sharma born on 1st January 1979 is a gold medalist Masters of Pol Sc. from Gauhati University in 2003 and subsequently she cleared NET. She is a lifetime member of “Indian History Congress” and “Indian Political Science Association”. She had also practiced as a lawyer at the prestigious Gauhati High Court. She appeared for APSC a day after her wedding day in bride’s colour. Happily married to an advocate Rajiv Sharma in Oldalguri Assam, she has ranked 2nd at the ACS and have qualified for the post of Labour Inspector.
Honestly speaking Rashmi was pathfinder for Rozy so it is to be understood that Rashmi has all the above described feats.

Sister duo Rozy Rani Sharma and Rashmi Rekha Sharma academically a brilliant student, literarily sound and an inborn leader spoke to our North East News Bureau Nanda Kirati Dewan in Gauhati University’s professor’s colony recently. Here are the main excerpts of the candid conversation…….

NKD:- Congratulations both of you for clearing the APSC!
Rozy:- Thank You.
Rashmi:- Thank You Nanda bhai.

NKD:- I believe that sister duo Rozy Rani and Rashmi Rekha are the 1st Gorkha women in history of Assam to have cleared the prestigious APSC exam. How do you react to this?
Rozy:- It really feels special to clear a coveted competitive exam. Thank You and I am really honored and overwhelmed at your appreciation.
Rashmi: If your data is authentic…. I believe it should be (smiles…..) Thank You. Nanda

NKD.:- On a formal ground. Tell us about your preparation.


Rashmi and Rozy during preparation Pic:Nanda Kirati Dewan

Rozy.:- I studied regularly 6-8 hours from my school days that bagged me good results in HSLC and 2nd rank in HSSLC. I kept my momentum till M A examinations, however while preparing for coveted competitive examinations like UPSC and APSC my study plan had to be changed. I remained focused to a particular topic even when I was not at my study table. Concept, analysis and interpretation of topics were helpful. It was never like a usual exam preparation.
Rashmi:- I started preparing for APSC after my sister had left for Delhi in 2006 for UPSC coaching. She always aimed for working as an IAS officer but I wanted to be a teacher a lecturer or a university professor. Her persuasion and my brother’s advice made me prepare for APSC. I did not study extra for the exam as I was not sure of it however I studied regularly. Yes, concept, analysis and interpretation of topics with my sister were helpful. Interestingly we had same subjects.

NKD:- What makes you today an APS officer?
Rozy:- Actually I had opted for Assam Civil Services(ACS) but I am selected for APS. Honestly speaking its firm determination and smart preparation. Besides I acknowledge the wholesome family support, support from peers, seniors and my community men who admired my feats and my talent.
Rashmi:- Same as Rozy. I need to be partial as I am married (….laughs as her mother-in-law was beside her). Besides my paternal family my in-laws family have played a vital role in my success. My lawyer husband has always lent me the much required support. My mother-in-law never let me do any house hold chores but asked me to study. Newly wedded bride was made the queen…. (again she laughs…). Thanks to all of them.

NKD.:- “Bride to a Queen journey” Tell us something more..
Rashmi:- I had appeared for Prelims from my paternal home and results were declared during the courtship period. I knew that a day after my marriage was my Mains exam. As a be wedded bribe I was treated queenly at home and I received exactly the same in my in-law’s home as well.

NKD. With young achievers out of APSC into the Police, Do you think it can change the tarnished (as media and general people speculations) image of Police department?
Rozy:- Media and common people have down played the success stories of Police and the odd stories have always been highlighted. It is not always police fails sometimes the system rules. Actually I am now not the right man to comment on this issue however I can commit to work for the welfare of the society as a APS officer. I will deliver my best being within the system as I am aware of “Genius do not do different things, They do things differently”
Rashmi:- I agree with Rozy, same is the condition with various government departments. As a faithful social servant I need to work for social welfare.

NKD. Hopefully you both do it. All the Best.
Rozy:- Thank You Nanda! Thank You
Rashmi:- Dhanyabaad…….

Dr. J K sharma brother of the sister duo Rashmi and Rozy with their sister-in-law Pic: Nanda Kirati Dewan

Dr. J K sharma brother of the sister duo Rashmi and Rozy with their sister-in-law Pic: Nanda Kirati Dewan

NKD. :- Your community men I mean the Gorkha community not only in Assam across the country is proud of you. They have showered blessings, love and wishes felicitating you which will continue in the long run. How will Rozy and Rashmi answer them?
Rozy:- The state is happy over selection process which has been y far fare which earlier war marred by malicious results by unscrupulous elements. Meritious candidates have been selected. Even I got through completely on my merit and I am happy and if this has made my community men happy than I am happier, happiest in the superlative form. The Gorkha community to which I belong has a very emotional bonding as you know, we cheered for Prasanth Tamang on his Indian Idol crown, we call Joel Rai as journal jewel of Gorkha, we support and applaud the feats of Shiva Thapa and Sunil Chetri. Similar has been in my case they have cheered and celebrated my success. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart for the blessings. I am pumped up now to appear for the prestigious UPSC also. As an APS officer I would deliver my best to help out the Gorkha community as well.
Rashmi:- I am of the same view as Rozy. Now the part to answer them is not at all a tough job, as a social servant within my power of attorney I will discharge my duty. I shall meet every demand of my community men within the mainframe of my work; I would look after my people. I have read a lot about torture of labours in various sectors in the books of Mamoni Raisom Goswami which I shall look upon seriously.

NKD.:- The allegations on Gorkha community that they are foreign nationals etc. is a history today however frequented on the ground that few of our people have directly fleeing habit to Nepal. This has maligned the image of Gorkhas what would you do and suggest the organizations in this issue?
Rozy:- Seriously this is grievous problem on nationalism issue, me as a person or as an APS officer cant do anything, it needs a social revolution- a Change. Vide 1988 Government gazzeted notification Gorkhas have been recognized as citizen of India and in 1992 Gorkha Bhasa or the Nepali language has been granted by the constitution. Question on Indian nationality of Gorkhas should not be raised however we cannot deny the allegation.
To overcome this problem Gorkhas should invade all sectors right from civil, police services to media, corporate, sports, culture and literature and importantly into politics. It is a big challenge for social Gorkha organizations.
Rashmi:- Rozy has spoken at length on it and it is understandable grief of Gorkhas. A revolution not agitation will certainly be helpful.

NKD:- Rashmi you just said “A revolution not agitation will certainly be helpful” that means you don’t support the agitation led by AAGSU for Gorkha Autonomous Council.
Rashmi:- Today AAGSU has been empowered to design and determine the destiny of Gorkhas and the think tank within them feels the need of creation of GAC. I am no one to oppose.
The concept of implementation of decentralization of power theory in Assam since 1993 with the creation of BTC and much earlier KAC has been a failure example. Yes creation of GAC will strengthen the identity of Gorkhas of Assam but it will not address various other problems of Gorkhas. Obviously it will thicken wallet of few leaders by misuse of funds in the name of development as in the other councils. Today Assam has eight councils and seven other communities including the Gorkhas have been agitating for development council and the state government is in the process of granting them. It is only an attempt to gain political mileage by political and social leaders.

Dr. J K Sharma Reader Pol Sc. GU with his sisters Rashmi and Rozy(right) Pic:Nanda Kirati Dewan

Dr. J K Sharma Reader Pol Sc. GU with his sisters Rashmi and Rozy(right) Pic:Nanda Kirati Dewan

NKD:- Your suggestion as an ACS officer to All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union (AAGSU).
Rashmi:- The unification of our students community is remarkable. Unitedly Gorkha students’ should work for the development of education amongst our community, should ask government for seat reservation in all premier educational establishments, promote our culture and literature, press the university and education department to recognize and introduce Nepali MIL from school to universities and appoint teachers. They should encourage students in all academic and extracurricular activities, support and raise fund for down trodden families and meritious students, should raise voice against untouchability and other social stigma. AAGSU today has great social responsibility above all to name a few the most important one to establish the identity.

NKD.:- You have been a good literature person with a few good compositions and translations to your credit and have travelled for various literature outside the state. As a literature loving person what do you suggest to Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha and Nepali Sahitya Parishad, Assam.
Rashmi:- Firstly they should get united like the students’ body.All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union (AAGSU) has paved the way for the intellectual group and they need to pay attention to this development. “Unity is Strength” is known to them also. Only after unification their contribution to the society can be acknowledged.

NKD.:- Assam over the years has been hunting ground for terrorists, this I believe has negative impact on education environment. Tell us your viewpoint on educational environment scenario of Assam?
Rozy: Unfortunately Assam has turned into terrorizing field which has proven fatal for most students, the education environment has been dismantled. Despite all odds students are standing against it with a brave heart and performing.
The traditional education in Assam is upto dated but for coveted competitive examinations it needs lot of improvements right from library to environment.
Rashmi:- Once again I shall have to agree with Rozy.

NKD.:- Your words on commercialization of education?
Rozy:- Privatization is necessary but the quality of education and materials should not deteriorate. These days a number of private universities have come up which donot follow UGC norms as reported, this is a threat to the education system. I am against such commercialization of education. Industrialization of education lags ethics and moral.
Rashmi:- Every one on earth is not meritious so educational establishments which can really promote good education following all proper norms has to encouraged because there are limited seats in premier educational institutes and universities. It should be promoted either by commercialization or privatization with out compromising with quality. It is not only the meritious deserves but also an average student should also get quality education.

NKD:- Is it long study hours that helps for competitive exams?
Rashmi:- Certainly not. Attention and focus is very important.
Rozy:- It is not only study hours but other factors like concept, analysis and interpretation of topics is required. It is never like a usual exam preparation. Anyways short study hours will not cover the vast course.

NKD.:- Message to the youngsters.
Rozy:- “Genius do not do different things, They do things differently.”
Rashmi.:- “Donot compromise on education and health then Success is all yours”

NKD.:- Thank You Miss Rozy and Mrs. Rashmi for sharing your thoughts with me.
Rozy:- Thank You Nanda. Had a great time with you.
Rashmi: Thank You Nanda Bhai. It was really pleasure talking to you. I had heard a lot about you and wanted to meet you in person.

NKD.;- I am honoured. Thank You Rashmi didi.
Rashmi:- It’s OK. All the Best and be Safe.

Nanda Kirati Dewan

Nanda Kirati Dewan

The writer Nanda Kirati Dewan is Principal Correspondent; Assam Times, North East News Bureau,Gorkhatimes, Darjeeling Times and Photojournalist/Reporter/News Editor with UB Photos. He also has been voted as TOP 10 Gorkhali of Assam by “Saparivar” magazine and is an active executive member of AAGSU. Mr. Dewan can be contacted at nandadewan@gmail.com or dewan88@rediffmail.com and at +919864077700 (M)


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