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Fear of cobras grips Kurseong

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 6, 2009

KURSEONG, 5 JULY: For the past few days the residents of Subedar Bustee under Kurseong subdivision seem to be spending sleepless nights as a pair of the dreaded king cobras, around 9 feet in length, have been roaming about the area.
Mr Saku Gurung said that they have been unable to close their eyes in the nights as cobra panic has gripped the residents. “As per our experience, a cobra can sneak into the residence even through a narrow gaps,” he added.
Echoing the panic, another local, Mrs Geeta Lama said that several people were on the alert looking for the cobras. “Our normal chores remains almost paralysed in fear of the dreaded serpents,” she said.
They are also dithering as to whether they should inform the forest officials. “We believe any harm done to the cobras might bring about our destruction by way of divine retribution. These serpents are worshipped as gods,” the residents said in unison.
When contacted, the GFO Wild Life 1 Sukna, Ms Sumeeta Ghatak pleaded her ignorance. “ Now that I’ve been informed I would definitely look into the matter and a squad would be sent to the Bustee to get hold of the cobras,” she said.

Source: The Statesman


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