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Nepalese Nationality, Monarchy & Democracy

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 7, 2009

Dirgha Raj Prasai

Dirgha Raj Prasai

Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former member of parliament in Nepal, former consultant of the administrative staff college of Nepal. He has written many books and articles, and is now a political analyst based in Kathmandu contributing to different newspapers and sites.

Caste, language, religion, land and mines of Nepal are considered to be highly sensitive issues. If you raise these issues without your understanding and enough homework, you will be trapped in net. Since past few years, some leaders raised these issues so lightly that their Pandora’s Box has been broken and totally exposed. In fact, there are three types residents in the country viz Anadibasi (those who are living from immortal time), Aadibasi (indigenous caste), Aaprabasi (migrants). Brahmins, Chhetri and few Newars are Anadibasi. Magar, Gurung, Tamang, Rai, Limbu, Sherpa, Rajbansi, Tharu and Dhimal etc are indigenous castes. Unlike, migrants are Muslims, Marwadis, Madhesis and Bengalis, who came to Nepal some 300 years ago extending their business and trade. Some political leaders of Nepal are creating a dangerous condition of conflicts among these three groups of residents. Federalism and racism are neither issues nor solutions of Nepal. Our realistic issue is to assure their equal and active participation in every sector of nation building.

After the movement (I) of 1990, Nepal became dirty playground of foreigners. The movement (II) of 2006 was not for democracy but for making Nepal confused and failed state. The so-called leaders of Congress, UML, and Maoists were never clear whether the movement was for improvement of parliamentary democracy or for communism. The leaders are so confused. They sometimes unite and sometimes quarrel for nothing. Unhealthy alliances run in similar way. Due to their notorious activities, the corrupted leaders of so-called big party leaders are being trapped in their own grand designs. In Nepalese politics, what is the aim or objective of Congress, UML, Maoists, and Madhesis ? The answer is not clear that the traitors do not have any capacity direct the country in right pathway. Now there is no doubt that the leaders of above stated parties are guided by foreigners. Therefore they do not deserve any right to claim as leaders of the country.

Few years ago, they (culprit leaders of Congress & UML) believed that the constitution of Kingdom of Nepal, 1990 was the best constitution of world because they used to say they were committed to constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. In present, it seems they forgot it just as a dream. What were pitfalls of the Constitution of 1990? Why was it suspended without reason? What kind of new constitution they require? Even they are reluctant to justify it in front of Nepalese people. Maoists used to claim them nationalist. But they are completely exposed as they signed 12 point agreement on Indian direction In Delhi. Now there is painful confusion about the forward direction to be taken by Nepal. ‘Crows are never the white for washing.’ They are satanic but not political man. Now, a traitor and opportunist Mr. Madhav Nepal, the nonsense leader of UML, has been appointed prime minister. It seems the country may face disastrous civil war.

Although there is difference in Congress, UML, Madhesis and Maoist as party, they all are directed from same point/place. The popular movement of 2063 proved this fact. Due to traitors and corrupted leaders the country encountered heavy problems. India always exhibits its interest whenever any internal problem is seen in Nepal. Slogans like ‘Republic, Secularism, Racial-federalism, complete Madhesi single state, are not due to Nepali people or leaders, but are part of grand design to destroy Nepal. The policy that is ‘a honey tongue, a heart of Gail’ by above stated party leaders has leading to serious danger in the existence of Nepal. Why such anarchy, if movement was against dictatorship. Why the agreement, made at 2006 April 24 with the King, was violated? Because it was the same agreement by which the movement was suspended. This would lead failure of these leaders in future. The main confusion and betray is interim constitution, 2006 as the agreement was already made in accordance to the constitution of 1990.

If India claims to contribute for democracy in Nepal, then what thinks about Bhutanese democracy? Even though the democracy was introduced in 1950, India influenced Nepal making it paralyzed. The anti-Indian forces are increasing day by day in Nepal. This is failure of Indian diplomacy to treat South Asian countries including Nepal. Nepal has its own internal problems and Nepalese are able to solve them by themselves. But Indian leaders, taking few poppet leaders of Nepal, always interferes even the domestic issues. Nepali Congress, UML and Maoists are attempting to take court and Nepalese Army in their control. But they should understand that the court and Nepalese army are not private property of any political party. Besides the past history of Nepalese army is the proof that it won’t compromise with any anti-nationalist power. Even Nepalese democratic and nationalist people cannot support such notorious activities. Now it is too much. ‘Too much of one thing is good for nothing’.

Those who make mistake should commit it in national politics. But, in this country there are so many leaders who never commit mistakes made by them. ‘To make no mistakes is not in the power of man, but from their errors and mistakes the wise and good learn wisdom for the future.’ After sudden resignation of Maoist-led government as it made so many blunders. Now, Nepalese people are reluctant to see the faces of these traitors. In clear direction of India, Girija Prasad Koirala and his followers have kept an incompetent and pro-Indian Mr.Madhav Nepal in the chair of Premier, which the traitors will be dominant in the country. But let the politicians know, the Nepalese people won’t tolerate the country. In order to protect Nepal from the hands of traitors, all Nepalese (from in and outside of parties) people, Nepalese Army, Police, peasants, labourers, youth, women, court including the King Etc should come out and protest. Nepalese monarchy is the most convincing identity of Nepal’s sovereignty & democracy. Due to the removal of the monarchy, Nepal is facing anarchism- the lawlessness, theft; robbery, killing, corruption and scarcity of goods, political and social malpractices are increasing day by day. Nepalese people have been seen so many criminals and anarchists enjoying impunity. No leaders are responsible about the deteriorated situation. In 1999, there was a plebiscite in Australia whether to accept the British monarchy as its head of state and majority of the Australians voted for the existing arrangement. Even in Canada, the British monarchy has been accepted as its head of state. If they can accept the Queen of Britain as their head of state, why can’t we in Nepal keep monarchy, which had the principle role in unifying this country, and modernize it. So, to save Nepal, there must be reinstated the permanent institution–’Monarchy’. Without monarchy Nepal can’t adjust. This is the right time when unified nationalist forces of Nepal should be empowered using the constitution of 1990. This can only protect the nationalism, monarchism, democracy and its norms in Nepal. Therefore, let us sacrifice for the country.

(The views and opinion expressed in this article are that of the author and not of Gorkhatimes, the author can be contacted at email:dirgharajprasai@gmail.com We request individuals with interest in Gorkha Issuses to submit their views to the following e-mail address: gorkhatimes@gmail.com pictures of contributors or images that relate to submissions will be appreciated more)


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