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UPF bestows ‘Leadership and Good Governance’ award to Chamling

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 7, 2009

CM dedicates UPF award to Sikkimese people


GANGTOK, July 06: The Universal Peace Federation (UPF), an international NGO dedicated to building world peace, today awarded its highest award of ‘Leadership and Good Governance’ to the Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling here at Chintan Bhavan.
The prestigious award was presented to the Chief Minister in recognition of his emergence as a champion of democratic rights for the down trodden people of Sikkim and the custodian of effective, people centric administration for the last 15 years displaying the real ethos of leadership and good governance.
Dr. Chung Sik Yong, regional chairman of UPF for Asia presented the award to Mr. Chamling which consisted of a medal and a citation. Mr. Chamling is the third recipient of the prestigious UPF award in the nation.
In his address, the Chief Minister dedicated the award to the people of Sikkim. “I dedicate this award to my fellow Sikkimese people of whom I am the first servant”, he said while thanking the UPF for bestowing him such award.
Lauding the UPF for its great service to the mankind, Mr. Chamling expressed his pride that the works done in Sikkim have been appreciated by UPF. I feel encouraged to do more and more for my State and country, he said.
Speaking on world peace, the Chief Minister pointed out that Sikkim remains an oasis of peace due to the Sikkimese people who are inherently peace loving people. Sikkimese people are inherently peace loving people living in harmony and contributing to peace to the State and giving example to the nation, he said.
“The best thing happening in Sikkim is continuous peace and political stability which has allowed us to bring in socio-economic development. We have to maintain peace and this is our great contribution to the nation”, he said.
The Chief Minister further pointed out that the peacefulness inherent among the Sikkimese people are inner peace derived from the fact that the Sikkimese people live in close harmony with nature and environment. He also presented the measures undertaken by his government in the past 15 years towards environmental security. The Sikkimese people have wholeheartedly supported us in many of our initiatives, he added thanking the people for their support.
“I will not let down you at any cost. I want to die for my State. This is my commitment”, Mr. Chamling said.
The executive vice-chairman of UPF-India, KV Rajan said that UPF feels that Sikkim deserves to be recognized and understood by the world and that the Chief Minister must be lauded for his achievements.
We will let the whole world know that Sikkim is good news for the world and deserves to be lauded and emulated by others, said Mr. Rajan.
Earlier, former minister GM Gurung who is the chairman of UPF Sikkim chapter presented the welcome address.

Source: Sikkim Express


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