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Braggadocios, Hypocrites and Power Mongers our Messiah?

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 8, 2009

Bhanu Bhattarai

Bhanu Bhattarai

Written By:-Bhanu Bhattarai ,Nepal

Skimming through the online news portals these days has been something like tuning to the song “words” by BeeGees ,except that the new lyrics would be “words, and words are all I have to hide my lies away”.

Yes, words have been gaining over deeds especially when mere words can win people’s hearts. Nepalese do not seem to be using their conscience anymore or maybe I am mistaken, may be they never did since leaders are said to be as good as the people themselves! Leaders are still able to gather crowd irrespective of their deeds! It is party time for our great leaders when in fact nothing needs to be done to garner support, just prove the other wrong-simple as that! How to prove the others wrong? Come on…there is always something going on, you just need to gather support of the losers! Even if you don’t succeed, when are those lawyers for? Payday for the hardship in instating them at right places during your heyday?? To the general public, however, the million dollar question still is, where are these days of complete anarchy, dominance of losers, “impunity to OUR cadres, end of impunity to OTHERS” mentality and inclement situation of “winners on the run” leading the Nation to?

Politics is all about duplicity, guile, double standards and forage for the chair. This is exactly how a layman would define Nepalese politics after all these years of political drama. “End of Impunity”, a well rehearsed slogan can now be fitted anywhere, any speech, any address and by anyone! Even criminals get away from punishment using this sacred newest mantra ! Moreover, rapidly unfolding recent series of gruesome hostage killings, black and white crimes have held the slogan afloat in every possible public arena. You need a quick flashlight upon your status? “End of Impunity” is your mantra ! Who is making the most out of it? Undoubtedly the guile leaders who on one side shed their “crocodile tears” upon the deceased, extend “heartfelt” condolences to the family, distribute seemingly plausible assurance of government help while on the other hand advocate for criminals like Dhamala! Alas-still their legacy, their support and their “failure” stamped ideas proliferate! They are yet to be tainted of power misuse; they are yet to make their first mistake, their morale yet to diminish and their voice yet to be unheard! We, the general public still listen to their fabricated lies and are still excited of a bright future from their conscience as if we didn’t have enough of them for the last 15 years! We are still making every effort in planting them to the government when in fact we should be plowing their remains. “Impunity” didn’t grow overnight the day Congress handed over the government to the Maoists! It was sowed, nurtured and rejoiced over the past two decades by its present protesters. When their own weapon was directed towards them, they awakened. When they fell into the graves dug by themselves, only then they realized its enormity. We should however applaud their ability to change color, much more elegantly and swiftly than a lizard and thrive in the adverse of scenarios! Even with the latest conscience as was shown in the latest election, it is puzzling how Nepalese are still unable to understanding the underlying catch?

Another word repeatedly being thrown at the general public is “General Consensus”. All the minion parties advocating for the general consensus and threatening the largest democratic party of Nepal to bow down in front of them is something like all the north American countries uniting together and threatening the US! How logical does that sound? Good enough for a folk story, right? However, this is the truth and all the truth with the present Nepalese version of general consensus. Self proclaimed great leaders, advocators of democracy, leaders of the general public and parties of the public-how could they forget so suddenly their own reaction when called upon to join the Maoist led government? Had they ever been true empathizers of the nation and the public, how could there be a restraining wall between them and the government? The government, formed from a general election solely for the purpose of writing a constitution? The present scuffle, division and smearing each other in the perpetual “cabinet game” is just a proof of the saying “taste of human blood conjures a man eater.”

Is Nepal a sovereign nation? When can we decide ourselves for our nation? When can we stop consenting with Indian ambassadors for our internal affairs? Hasty defending speech by Mrs. Sujata Jost Koirala and Mr. Ramsaran Mahat about border encroachment immediately after parley with Soodh, Prachanda’s interview with the Hindu, does raise these questions! I hope they are going for everything new for the New Nepal-new definition for democracy, new manner and culture for ambassadors. It would not be a surprise if we receive ambassadorial code of conduct from our neighbor! Our pride and glory of the great Gorkhali rests peacefully either inside the books of history or buried under the historical ruins of that era just like the Nepal army snoring, “peacefully” inside safe barracks.

Who is the head of The Republic of Nepal? Can anyone assure us that Nepal is not in the path of next Sikkim or Bhutan? Is Nepal a democratic nation? Is some fanatic’s whim sufficient to form a governing body? These are some of the question lingering in the common minds. Stamped “proven unsuccessful” leaders like GPK advocating the formation of a “governing system” and most of all leading it himself?? What is going on? Is he elected by the public? Does he hold any discretionary powers to form a system as such? If yes where from? Have we ever heard of Bill Clinton, a successful president, interfering with Obama’s government? How come someone who brought this situation upon us while being the longest serving prime minister of Nepal now come up suddenly of a “great idea” of development ? Where is he being directed from? There are some of the questions that we would want immediate answers to.

Someone not directly elected by the public, someone with failed vision and beliefs, someone advocating for family lineage into a democratic party and someone with such tainted reputation if able to form a governing body above the cabinet of ministers, what would remain to be hopeful for in The Republic of Nepal? Especially after vandalizing the definition of democracy, hammering the general public’s mandate and neglecting the general election in forming the cabinet. Is this not the typical characteristics of a tyrant? Mind it, in The Republic of Nepal, Mr. GPK is nothing more than a constituent member from “pariwar dal” and he should enjoy no privilege more than any other constituent member. Pointing to the Ravan will not make you the Bibhisan! Maoists may be tyrant, Maoists may be the proliferators of violence and impunity but rest of the parties are nothing less if not more. What is this governing body all about? Is it something like the guardian council of Iran? Even if it is, why should we implement something that is being questioned in Iran itself? What would be the role of the president and vice president after the formation of that governing body? This is not as light an issue as being portrayed by GPK and he definitely can’t self declare himself to be the head of that body. This issue must be resolved on a broader consensus, without bypassing the general public. General public is the supreme power in any democratic country and should be respected. We can’t allow the governing body, seemingly the head of the state to be formed upon the whim of a power fanatic. I hope the real drama behind letting UML lead the government is unfolding now but the general public is still blinking their eyes from the portrayed flash of Maoist’s video. May be this latest development is what we need as the wakeup call! Wake up Nepalese or there will be no awakening at all!

Source: Telegraph Nepal

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