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Subba falls ill, in hospital

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 9, 2009

JALPAIGURI, 8 JULY: The Gorkha Liberation Organisation chief and the prime accused in the GNLF chief, Mr Subhas Ghisingh’s assassination attempt in 2001, Mr Chattre Subba along with five others who were on a hunger strike in Jalpaiguri jail, fell ill and have been admitted in North Bengal Medical College and Hospital.
Informing this Mr Subba’s lawyer, Mr Akhil Biswas today said that Mr Subba is suffering from cardiac problem and malnutrition.
“Mr Subba and the five others were on hunger strike for the past five days at Jalpaiguri jail. Mr Subba fell ill on 4 July and the jail authority shifted him to the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital.
The others were shifted on 6 July,” Mr Biswas said.
Pointing out that Mr Subba was in jail for the past eight years, the lawyer added: “He is over 70 and has a cardiac problem. He had been hospitalised in the past due to the ailment but this time his condition is quite serious. Moreover, he is suffering from malnutrition, which has aggravated the problem,” Mr Biswas said.
Lamenting Chattre Subba’s condition, his brother Mr Santosh Subba, said: “We are apprehensive about his health.”
The SP Jalpaiguri, Mr Anand Kumar and the ADM (General), Mr NG Hira, both acknowledged Mr Subba’s hospitalisation information.
“We are monitoring the situation but can do little as it is a judicial matter,” they said.

Source: The Statesman


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