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Border dispute with India not an issue: Nepal PM

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 11, 2009

Madhav Kumar Nepal

Madhav Kumar Nepal

Nepal’s Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has assured that during his impending visit to India he will not sign any agreement or a Treaty or whatsoever with the Southern Neighbor.

“There is no specific agenda…it will be just a good-will visit”, said the Prime Minister talking to journalists in Birgunj on Friday July 10, 2009.

“Border disputes with India is not an outstanding issue, we will solve the problem through diplomatic channel”, said the Prime Minister when asked by journalists to comment on the Indian occupation of Nepali lands along the open border.

“Border Problem, Koshi Barrage and some other issues will surface during my forthcoming visit to India”, said the Prime Minister.

Prior to meeting the pressmen, Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal addressing a program in Birgunj also made a fervent appeal to the Tarai based armed outfits to sit-in for talks with the government.

He also said that Armed Politics can never win the hearts of the people.

“The Government is creating favorable atmosphere for talks, I urge all political outfits to come forward and discuss their demands with the government”, he added.

Source: TelegraphNepal


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