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Diarrhoea toll cross 100 in Nepal

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 11, 2009

The diarrhoea outbreak in the districts of Rukum and Jajarkot, West Nepal, took the toll of 13 more lives. In Rukum alone in the last four days 20 people have died of diarrhoea.

The district health offices claim that 7 people have already died in Rukum and 6 in Jajarkot on Friday, July 10 2009 by diarrhoea.

In total, over one hundred people have already been died and almost five thousand remain affected by the diarrhoea.

Though the government has so far claimed that it has deployed adequate number of medical professionals and medicines in the diarrhoea affected districts, reports coming from the districts quote the locals as saying that, the diarrhoea patients have yet not received treatments in the core areas.

Locals also claim that the local political parties had jointly urged the government to air-drop medicines in seven areas and establish Health Camps in 2 core areas.

“However, the ministerial delegation that visited the district had dropped medicine just at one place”, reports add.

In the mean time, the Epidemic Control Center of the Ministry of Health in Kathmandu has sent 3 thousand kilograms of medicine and six medical professionals towards the affected districts.

The medicines were air-lifted by the Nepal Army Helicopters.
Contaminated food and water, raw food and lack of sanitation awareness are the prime reasons for the outbreak, the local administration claims.
Preliminary investigation into the outbreak has suggested that a bacteria known as Coliform has been found in the drinking water in the affected areas.

Source: TelegraphNepal


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