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Headlights pose dazzling danger

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 11, 2009

SILIGURI, 10 JULY: The use of high-brightness white headlights in cars and two-wheelers, a growing craze among youngsters, is fast becoming a nuisance in Siliguri.
The headlights, which have multi-reflectors, dazzle oncoming drivers and increase the risk of accidents.
According to experts, these lights are neither permitted nor do they increase visibility but their sales have gone up because of the “callousness” of administrators. “The use of white headlights is prohibited by the law as it dazzles oncoming drivers and pedestrians and reduces visibility. But since the authorities do not take action against those who sell or use them, the demand for them has shot up,” said Mr Kaushik Modak, the sales manager of a leading automobile showroom on Sevoke Road. Many automobile spare parts dealer in Siliguri also blame the authorities for the rise in the use of white headlights. “Since the traffic police do not take action against those who use white headlights, their sale has increased. We do not keep these lights at our shop but arrange for them from different sources when there is a demand,” said Mr MK Agarwal, the owner of an automobile spare parts shop near the Panitanki More.
Mr Ravindra Mani Gurung, DSP, Traffic, Siliguri, assured they would soon take action against owners of vehicles fitted with white headlights. He urged people to inform the police about vehicles using these headlights.

Source: The Statesman


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