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Subba & aides end fasting agitation

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 13, 2009

JALPAIGURI, 12 JULY: Mr Chattrey Subba, the Gorkha Liberation Organisation supremo accused of Mr Subash Ghisingh’s assassination attempt in 2001, and Mr Subba’s five other inmates have withdrawn from their hunger strike program.
Mr Subba along with his other five inmates began a hunger strike at Jalpaiguri central jail on 2 July, demanding a speedy trial and their immediate release from jail. Mr Subba fell ill on 4 July and was admitted to North Bengal Medical College Hospital (NBMCH). The others were transfered to NBMCH two days later. After a prolonged hunger strike lasting 11 days, the activist ultimately withdrew from the program on 11 July. Mr Subba explained that he was withdrawing from the hunger strike because his supreme court lawyer had requested it. Mr Subba said: “When the Jalpaiguri district and session court suddenly transferred our case into an additional first track court just before the judgment, we asked our supreme court lawyer for guidance. On 11 July he informed us that he had already attracted the supreme court’s attention to this issue and asked us to withdraw from our hunger strike. Also, the MLA Darjeeling Mr Pranay Rai stood for us in the state assembly on 8 July and the state law minister assured him that the matter would be looked into seriously. Under such circumstances we decided to withdraw our hunger strike program.”
The leader went on to slam the state government regarding the delayed trial of their case: “Both the state government and Mr Subhas Ghisingh have conspired to file a false case against me. Now they are afraid that if we get released from jail, their conspiracy may be revealed to the people. This is why the state government is intentionally delaying our trial.”
The superintendent of Jalpaiguri central jail, Mr Bimalendu Mukherjee, along with some other jail officials also visited the inmates in NBMCH on the evening of 11 July where he requested the withdrawal of their hunger strike.

Source: The Statesman


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