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195th Bhanu Jayanti marked

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 14, 2009

KATHMANDU, July 13 – The 195th Bhanu Jayanti was marked across the country on Monday.


People across the country observed the day organising various programmes to mark the birth anniversary of pioneer Nepali poet Bhanubhakta Acharya, renowned as the Aadikavi. Nepali speaking communities in Darjeeling, Sikkim and other parts of neighbouring India also celebrated  the poet’s birthday for his contribution to the Nepali language and literature.

Born in Tanahun in 1814, he is remembered for the translation of the epic Ramayana from Sanskrit to Nepali. Meanwhile, a rally was taken out in the capital with Bhanubhakta’s portrait on chariot this morning. The rally in which litterateurs and students participated converged into an assembly.

Prime Minsiter Madhav Kumar Nepal paid homage to the poet by garlanding the Aadikavi’s bust in the premises of Durbar High School and Nepal Pragya Pratisthan separately. Addressing the gathering, PM Nepal said late Acharya contributed to the national unity through his works.

Source: KantipurOnline


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