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Sikkim CM urges SPC members to frame policies

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 15, 2009

GANGTOK, 14 JULY: The Sikkim chief minister and chairman of the state planning commission Mr Pawan Chamling today urged the newly formed SPC members to prepare a detailed proposal for framing plans and policies for the development of social sectors on a priority basis. He was today addressing the first meeting of the fourth state planning commission. The eight-member body has former CM, Mr Sanchaman Limboo as its deputy chairman.
Terming the SPC as a think-tank to accelerate the development process Mr Chamling further insisted on SPC’s close coordination with all departmental heads in formulating programmes and policies. He further stressed on the first responsibility of the SPC to suggest the government on the popular needs and demands and also its time-bound execution and monitoring.
“As the centre has declared to provide only 40 per cent financial assistance to the states from 2010, it is time to implement sustainable plans and programmes for self reliance,”Mr Chamling said. He further stressed on the importance of eco-friendly industries like hydropower projects to meet all financial and employment needs. It is also informed that the pharmaceuticals, hydropower and tourism and hospitality sectors would require major manpower. To tap these opportunities the CM delved into the importance of human resources development through numerous skill development and capacity building schemes being undertaken by the state government.

Source: The Statesman


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