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Thousands of Gorkhas on the verge of losing their homes.

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 15, 2009

Report: Rupak Chetri,Principal correspondent Gorkha Times

KarbiAnglong,Assam:More than 5500 households with a population of 35000 people will be severely affected when the Military will utilize the area for the camp , to revolt on the case people rallying with more than ten thousand gathering gathered at the Lengri Ground to deal with the problem against the proposed “land acquisation of Langrik area” by the military. The gathering was organized by Langrik Anchal Surakhya Samity (LASS) which happens to be a new born baby to deal with the problem . The people who would be most affected if the proposed land acquisition goes through, belong to the villages of Bor Lengri I, Bor Lengri II, Choto Lengri, Aoyimsen, Mohan Bosti, Nahorijan, Lengrijan Cadastral, Manipuri Bosti, Longki Bosti, Lengri tea estate, Lama Bosti, Wapang Taro Bosti and Rengma Gaon which comes under Assam (Karbi Anglong) -Nagaland border. The rally was called against the backdrop of a 30 days’ notice issued on June 15, 2009 to the residents of the aforementioned villages to vacate the land to make way for a military camp. It is to be mentioned that the proposed land acquisition by the military has been going on for the past more than one decade.

Many Speakers also lamented on the development issue which is still pending and the villagers are doing well by contributing the amount for it .One of the speakers also said that “It is not acquisition but forced eviction” The rally culminated with the reading of a 5 page long memorandum/petition to be placed before the Deputy Commissioner, Diphu’ highlighting the facts and circumstances on why the proposed acquisition is illegal within the constitution of India.

On the other side of the story , more than 50 % of population residing in the above mentioned proposed sites are Gorkhas. Mr. Rana who is a senior inhabitant of one of the village , said that the area was  set up way back in 1869 with appointment of a ‘Sarkari Gaonbura’ as early as 1927 during the colonial days. So there’s no question of eviction,we’ll fight for our rights till our last breath. Gorkhas  here should rise from our sleep, unite together and fight against this forced encroachment from the army. If the army goes ahead with their planned eviction thousands of families will be ruined.

Gorkha Times appeals to all the Gorkha Union,AAGSU,leading newspapers and journalists to please look into this matter and highlight the plight of these people and fight against this injustice forced upon our innocent brothers and sisters who have been living there for ages.


2 Responses to “Thousands of Gorkhas on the verge of losing their homes.”

  1. Ram Chetri said

    Dear all,
    its nice to know that some one some ideas to know the depth feeling of our community , i wonder the unions are not taking any participation on this issue , and also i request you to peep into the habits of the unions who is said to be the welfare of the people . but its surprise me the voice was missing which i havent got till many years , i have seen the articl in local dalies , but it was not upto the mark , discrping only to certain section of society , leaving a part of our community, i m happy to know that your contribution has a deep sense in bringing message to others and also to the publishers and contirbutors Rupak Bhai, who is a Columinst writer and true social worker , cause it is said that a man can be judged by the ethics of feeling unto community and love to others that has been proved by Ramesh and Rupak Bhai , may lord bless you abudantly what ever you do , and finally i will tell others to peep into the Columb.

    Best Of luck
    Ram Chetri
    Karbianglong : Bokajan

    • Dear Ram Chetri ji,
      Please don’t thank us it’s our duty to highlight the plight of our Gorkha brothers and sisters.How can we sleep when our fellow brothers and sisters are going to lose ground beneath their feet and roof above their heads.I have told Rupak to visit the site which has been marked for proposed eviction by army and he’ll be meeting some families so as to get exact knowledge of the ground realities.You can contact Rupak at this number 9774003821.He will be more than happy to meet you and cover the entire event.We in turn will publish the report in Gorkha Times and send the copy to all the leading jounalists and Papers.We’ll raise your voice and try to reach out to the right people.
      Thank you so much for responding and please try to put up a brave front against this atrocity as a Gorkha is known for it.

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