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ANUVRAT- A Solution Against Terrorism

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 16, 2009

Vinita Pradhan

By:-Vinita Pradhan

‘Terrorism’ is a word that makes everyone shudders with intense fear. It can be best defined as the systematic process where-by using terror in variety of ways as a means of attaining the desired goals by force. As its results, there is an increasing sense of fear, insecurity all around and danger seems to lurk at almost every minute, every step in most countries, particularly those where there are specific causes for unrest – local, regional, national or international.

Terrorism has become an international phenomenon breaking all the barriers. It is not confined to any single region, state or country. Invasions, conventional attacks or riots can be prevented effectively but Terrorism from within are such worse things that they do not have any kind of satisfactory preventive measures.

People, especially in public areas, face the unexpected and untold misery. In a moment, peace and happiness gets covered with terror, fear and deaths. Suddenly, drama of untold misery takes place in most unlikely places, holding whole communities, regions and nations to ransom.

Most of the time, we question, ‘What do these people get by killing thousands of innocent people? , Why do they attack? ’. The answer is quite simple, they act out of desperation where they gain nothing except bad name and hatred and curses of millions of people.

They ill-fame their society, group or community from which they belong. The other reason may be to quench the thirst of revenge. Almost every sensible person condemns terrorism straightaway and honestly believes that it serves no purpose. It is an unfortunate fact that the future generations, the youths are being used as ‘mohra’ to practice this sin. Youngsters are lured by money and promises of adventure and excitement. They are brainwashed filled with hatred against world and peace. All they want is destruction. We can clearly know how much they are desperate to destroy world peace. The attack of 9/11 in US at World Trade Center and Pentagon marks an unforgetful event and the disaster it spread all round. The recent attack on the prestigious hotels of India was one of the biggest acts of terrorism. There are lots of examples of terrorist attacks that have happened in the past.

The only way to stop this terrorism is that those in authority should understand their responsibility and see to it that no groups, sections or classes of society are discriminated and are actually treated equal before law and enjoy equal protection of law. The differences between India and Pakistan have been a long one. Not only the government, it is also our responsibility to try to stop terrorism. We are the ones to get into issues regarding castes, religion and communities which are one of the major factors of increasing terrorism.
The menace of terrorism, by no means is unfamiliar to the upcoming generations. The whole world is captured under the fear of it. There can be no doubt that terrorism is the ugliest face or picture of political dissent anywhere. However laudable the cause for which the terrorists may be fighting, their way of fighting is treacherous and cowardly.

Terrorism is a phenomenon which must be condemned universally and unequivocally. It can be only cured through universal education and full employment. It is a criminal act that influences an audience beyond the immediate victim. They plan their targets to obtain greatest publicity and attack them showing what they oppose. It is a practice of ruthlessness n inhumanity.

The solution to this problem has been the most difficult to find out. Everyday government and people pledge to root out terrorism but all these are in vain. We must be find an effective method. The youths from poor and rural areas must be given proper education and jobs so that they are not lured to terrorism where easy money is available. Military forces and intelligence agencies must try to finish off the base and training camps of these groups, though, they are spread all over the world like a vast ocean. But if the whole world joins hands to fight against this terrorism then we would be able to end this long continuous struggle. But for that, we must forget and compromise our internal disputes with each other.

We need to realize and understand that it is us only who have the power together fight back this terrorism. Together we can build a more stable and peaceful world. All we need is unity and understanding between each country. It is important to understand that the actual terrorist operations are the result of extensive preparations and support operations. Media reports and academic studies have mainly focused on the terrorist’s intend. This neglects the vital but less exciting topic of preparation and support operations. Significant efforts and co-ordination is required to finance group operations, procure weapons, conduct target surveillance or analysis and train the trainees. While the time and effort extended by the terrorists may be a drop in the bucket compared to the amounts spent to defend against them, the operation still can involve large amount of money and groups of people. The need for dedicated support activities and resources on simple operations are significant and get larger, greater the sophistication of the plan and the complexity of the target. We have to find solutions against this and spend more time, money and efforts to fight them back. We, the common people must be more careful while being in public areas or in significant places. Though, we can’t stop them, atleast a little carefulness can save thousands of innocent lives.

It is the duty of all mankind to act immediately to end terrorism by the roots.


The writer Vinita Pradhan is a student of class-XII(Arts) of MICE Academy Aizawl,Mizoram. She 0riginally hails from Silchar,Assam. She  has a keen interest in Writing.



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