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Hills bandh is against people: Kanu Sanyal

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 16, 2009

SILIGURI, 15 JULY: The veteran Naxalite leader, Mr Kanu Sanyal today said that the indefinite Darjeeling bandh convened by the GJMM was anti-people.
“The shutdown is an exercise in self-deception on the part of the GJMM leadership and moreover, it would wreak havoc with the already doddering hill economy,” he said. Reaffirming his moral support to the cause of a separate homeland for the Gorkha settlers, Mr Sanyal said that he was in favour of settling the issue in course of a tripartite dialogue. “Disruptive agitation can not always serve its cherished objective. On the contrary, if the agitation affects the life of the poor it cannot sustain long. Bringing economic activities in the tea industry and the tourism sector to a halt in a fledgling hill economy must prove anathema for the hills as a whole in the long term perspectives,” the Naxalite legend warned. Taking a dig at the GJMM leadership, Mr Sanyal said that they seemed to have become prisoners of an ethnic hellhole. “They have never cared to take persons who have long standing sympathy with the statehood cause into confidence. Exchanging views with others and listening to divergent views with patience and understanding, especially when a people’s movement is in full swing, broadens outlook and helps bring out new and interesting angles. I, for one, am frustrated with the stubborn arrogance of the GJMM leadership,” he said.
Slamming the Centre for its “irritatingly long spell of procrastination,” Mr Sanyal said it should convey its stand in categorical terms. “The Centre must inform the agitators unambiguously whether the fulfillment of the statehood aspirations is feasible or not and if not, it should suggest alternative means to mitigate grievances,” the Naxalite leader said.

Source:The Statesman

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