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What Is Bluetooth Dongle?

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 19, 2009

Bluetooth Dongle

Bluetooth Dongle

Bluetooth dongle is simply defined as an accessory to the computer. By using a Bluetooth dongle a computer can be wirelessly linked to other devices. By using these dongles one can easily connect a computer with any other computer, printer, digital cameras or cellular devices. Actually Bluetooth dongle possesses a small microchip, which makes it capable of connecting and exchanging the data with all other devices which contain such microchips and with all other dongle devices. USB ports are used to connect a Bluetooth dongle with the computer. Just like other USB attachments these dongles also get powered from computers itself. Once we disconnect a Bluetooth dongle it gets deactivated on its own.

Uses of the dongle

Bluetooth dongle allows data transmissions at the rate of 1 Mbps. Type of the transmitted data depends upon the type of the profile of the Bluetooth dongle. As an example we can consider the case of “Bluetooth headsets”, they can be used for receiving and transmitting sound data only. At a time, Bluetooth connection can be made between more than two devices. When more then 2 Bluetooth devices are in activated state within a particular zone, then shared network of these devices will be called as PAN or personal area network. Range of this PAN depends upon the class of the microchips of the connected devices. Range varies between 1-100 meters.
In earlier days, there was not any specified protocol or guideline decided for Bluetooth connectivity. So, presence of various connectivity technologies made it extremely hard to synchronize the devices wirelessly. To deal with this problem, a standard protocol was published by a consortium of various companies concerned with computing, telecommunication and electronics. To bring a boom in Bluetooth market, members of this consortium decided to design Bluetooth chips as a compact and simple device. These new Bluetooth chips were easy to use; they were economic and less power consuming. These easy chips lead into production of small and easy Bluetooth dongles with easy prices.

Bluetooth dongles are extremely easy to use; in fact, they are based on the concept of plug and play. They are compatible with operating systems like Windows, vista, Linux and Macintosh etc. No software is needed to install in order to activate a Bluetooth dongle. To activate a Bluetooth dongle all it need is, plugging into the USB port of the computer.

Applications of the Bluetooth device

1. Wireless communication between hands-free headset and a mobile phone.

2. Wireless networking of the computers at a confined space.

3. File and transfer

4. PS 2 and Nintendo’s Wii, gaming systems use Bluetooth for wireless controllers.

5. Bluetooth dongles can be used to access dial-up internet on computers.

6. Advertisement concepts and flash objects can be easily sent from one device to another confidentially.
7. Replacement of infrared in traditional controlling units.

8. Calendar notes, contact details, list of appointments, reminders etc can be easily shared between devices.

9. Fantastic medium of communication between PC output and input devices.

So we can conclude that Bluetooth dongle is an unmatched electronic discovery which is simplifying the field of data transmission and internet access.


4 Responses to “What Is Bluetooth Dongle?”

  1. Dani said

    I bought this exact bluetooth product. It was not sold with any software. My computer refuses to reconize it. I downloaded “Broadcom” bluetooth driver finder but it complains that my vista wont let it see the bluetooth stack.

    Can anyone help? I would hate to have spent all that $$ for nothing.

  2. yp.hunter said

    hi, The reason why your computer refuses to recognise the bluetooth dongle is because the dongle might not be compatible with vista u should try it on xp. and next time u buy something make sure its compatible,its always shown on the box or manual.

  3. Nimesh said

    Great site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vishwo ka Nepali(Gorkha) yek hau.
    Jaya Gorkha(Nepali), jaya Gorkhaland

  4. Jeanne said

    Really really helpful

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