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13 year old Nepali Girl Bhabika pens down a book in US

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 20, 2009

Book:- Mortals: Hayden Roux Chronicles

Book:- Mortals: Hayden Roux Chronicles

A 13-year-old Nepali girl living in the US has penned a fiction-based book called “Mortals Hayden Roux Chronicles”.

The book by the daughter of Harihar and Deepika Joshi was released amid a function at Irving mall in Dallas on Saturday. Formerly an 8th grader at Fossil Hill School, Bhabika will join Grade IX at Fossil Ridge High School this upcoming school year.

“When I first saw how talented Bhabika was as a writer, I encouraged her to pursue publishing a book. She is an outstanding lady,” said Shaunna Hanby (Reneau), Bhabika´s English teacher. This is Bhabika´s first book.

Overview: Editorial Review of  Mortals: Hayden Roux Chronicles

Imagine being stuck in a world where every blade of grass is green, it’s all trimmed to the perfect size and every child is well-behaved just as their parents would wish them to be. This is what Hayden Roux has to go through day after day, from beginning to end, but what she doesn’t know is she’s about to be thrust into an eccentric place, where a very big secret is waiting for her. Her difficult life of being hated by everyone takes an upturn when she finds herself in the midst of White Grover.
While trying to fit in at school, she has the big, challenging task of finding the beloved Pearl. Through broken friendships and lost trust, Hayden experiences a journey that she won’t soon forget.
There’s just one simple question: Is she willing to die?

Mortals will take you into her world to discover the answer to that very scary question!



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