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BJP asks GJMM to attend talks minus rider

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 24, 2009

SILIGURI, 23 JULY: The Bharatiya Janata Party leadership has asked the GJMM to participate in the tripartite talks slated on 11 August without insisting too much on the Gorkhaland agenda. “Besides, the hill-based outfit should reconsider the indefinite shutdown in the interests of the common people,” commented the BJP leaders.
The GJMM, however, seems determined to get on with the indefinite bandh until the party’s demands relating to the transfer of the inspector general of police, north Bengal, Mr KL Tamta and two other police officials are met.
“We are not withdrawing the bandh right now,” the GJMM general secretary Mr Roshan Giri made clear today
The BJP executive committee member in charge of Sikkim and other northeastern states, Mr Harendra Prasad said that the GJMM should look for another way to pursue its statehood demand other than doggedly getting on with the indefinite bandh. “The GJMM should take part in the dialogue with a positive approach,” he added.
He further said that an indefinite bandh might prove detrimental to the interest of the common people. “Bandh is not the only means of pursuing a popular demand. They might intensify economic blockade as part of the non-co-operation movement,” the senior BJP leader commented.
Reiterating BJP’s stand on the Gorkhaland issue, the party state president Mr Satyabrata Mukherjee said that his party had not committed to the Gorkhaland cause. “Our manifesto avers that we would look into the grievances of the Gorkha populace apart from the Adivasis and the Kamtapuris inhabiting north Bengal,” he said.
Asking the GJMM not to insist on the statehood issue, Mr Mukherjee said that the GJMM should not believe they would get Gorkhaland in one go. “The party should display patience while pursuing the demand,” he said.
Echoing the view, the former Union minister and a senior BJP leader Mr Tapan Shikdar said that the unflinching pursuance of the Gorkhaland agenda in course of the talks on the part of the GJMM might spike progress of the parleys. “They should instead negotiate with some amount of flexibility and sagacity,” Mr Sikdar said.

Source: The Statesman

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