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Gurung to cops: Give up job, I will pay

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 28, 2009

Gurung at Chowrastha on Monday.

Gurung at Chowrastha on Monday.

Darjeeling, July 27: Bimal Gurung’s magnanimity with finances continues to amaze the hills.

The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha president today announced that he would give a policeman all the benefits that he was entitled to during and after his service period, if he dared to resign from his job for Gorkhaland.

“I will sell my ribs and pay you. I always keep my word,” Gurung thundered at Chowrastha while addressing a gathering on “martyrs’ day.”

Many considered his speech as a true politician’s — an off-the-cuff promise that nobody knows when it will be delivered. However, going by some past episodes not all were ready to disbelieve him.

At least 4,500 youths of the Gorkhaland Personnel (GLP) are being paid a monthly stipend of Rs 1,000 for the past few months. Gurung had made the promise in 2007. The Morcha now plans to raise the strength of the GLP from 4,500 to 11,000.

Apart from the monthly stipend, Gurung is paying for their training, ration and uniform. Till yesterday, the GLP were wearing a bottle green and yellow tracksuit but today they were given new uniforms in red and black. “It is amazing how he manages to feed and pay so many Gorkhaland Personnel,” said a resident of Darjeeling.

This is not all. Gurung claims that he can feed the hill people for three months if there is a need for a prolonged general strike, a statement he reiterated even today. The fact that the Morcha distributed 800 quintals of rice and 10 quintals of dal to hundreds across Darjeeling subdivision is a pointer to his seriousness.

“We will distribute rice and dal to people in Kalimpong and Kurseong also on a later date,” Gurung said yesterday.

Apart from rice and lentils, the Morcha has also stocked mustard oil. “There was problem distributing oil but we will do it soon,” Gurung had said at Darjeeling Gymkhana Club yesterday.

Earlier, the Morcha chief had maintained that he would be distributing 2,500 quintals of ration during the strike period.

Asked about his resources, Gurung said: “I have no resources of my own, but it will keep on coming, let me assure you.”

Source:The Telegraph


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