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Sikkim party for motion to get back Darjeeling

Posted by Ramesh Khati on July 30, 2009

GANGTOK, 29 JULY: The Gorkha Rastriya Congress (GORAC), a political outfit has urged the Sikkim Democratic Front -led state government to pass a resolution in the state Assembly in favor of unification of Sikkim and Darjeeling. The 32-member Sikkim legislative assembly is now in session.
Citing historical evidence of Darjeeling being part of Sikkim, Mr DK Bomzon, president of GORAC urged the state government to reclaim its lost territory
Stressing on the need of a separate state to resolve the identity crisis of the Gorkha people in India, he said that the proposed Gorkhaland territory was never a part of West Bengal in history.
“If Sikkim claims the Darjeeling Hills the West Bengal government would have no alternative but to accede to the claim.
The state government itself stated the Darjeeling Hills as part of Sikkim in a resolution passed in the state Assembly some years ago,” Mr Bomzon said.
He further suggested that the combined territory could be renamed ‘Gorkhaland and Sikkim’and would be made an autonomous state on the lines of Jammu and Kashmir.
“If that is not acceptable, Sikkim can pass a resolution to create a separate Gorkhaland state,” he said.
The Gorkha Rastriya Congress has been raising voices in favour of Sikkim-Darjeeling merger over the last ten years.

Source:The Statesman


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