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Sikkim depts come

Posted by Ramesh Khati on August 1, 2009

GANGTOK, 31 JULY: The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report released by the Accountant General (Audit), Sikkim has revealed misappropriation of funds, favouratism, wasteful expenditure resulting in loss of revenue in various state government departments and state government-run companies in the state.
The CAG released its audit report for the year ending 31 March 2008 at the Lekha Pariksha Bhawan here on Thursday. Earlier in the day, the report was tabled in the Budget session of the state Assembly.
The Accountant General of Sikkim, Mr Dinesh Bhagata, urged the state government to conduct detailed investigations against the concerned departments and take appropriate actions thereafter.
The state rural management and development department has come under the scanner for not realising excise duty on water supplying pipes that led to a loss of Rs 2.50 crore. Likewise, a ‘lackadaisical’ approach had been observed on the part of the state human resources development department to operationalise District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) in the state even though as many as 18 years have passed since the inception of the project.
The report has also mentioned the failure on the part of the state police department to benefit from modernisation schemes like CIPA and POLNET.
The CAG report includes two chapters containing comments on the management of the finance and appropriation accounts of the state government and also five other chapters, comprising four performance reviews, one integrated audit in state police department and 26 other individual transaction based on audit of certain selected programmes and activities of the state government.
The fiscal position of the state has, however, shown a significant improvement in 2007-2008 as compared to the previous years, according to the report. But state finances were heavily dependent on Central transfers, which accounted for 53.22 per cent of its revenue receipts and helped the government maintain revenue surplus during the entire period.
Sikkim’s own resources mobilised through tax and non-tax revenues were much lower than the normal projections.
During the year, there was a fiscal deficit of Rs 64.25 crore, marking a decrease of Rs 32.61 crores from Rs 96.86 crore during 2006-07, the report mentions.

Source:The Statesman


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