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Self-confessed “royal massacre mastermind” held in Nepal

Posted by Ramesh Khati on August 8, 2009

KATHMANDU, Aug. 8 (Xinhua) — Nepali Police arrested Tul Prasad Sherchan, the person who claimed to have masterminded the royal massacre, from Himanchal Hotel in Nepali capital Kathmandu, in connection with his claim.

Sherchan was arrested on Friday by a special police squad at early morning, said Superintendent of Police (SP) Nawa Raj Silwal,in-charge at Metropolitan Police Range Hanumandhoka, Kathmandu. Headded that the police were investigating into his claim, local newspaper The Himalayan Times reported Saturday.

Sherchan, who is now in police custody, organized a press meet in capital Kathmandu on Wednesday. Sherchan had drawn the attention of the public by claiming that he had engineered the plot of the royal massacre, stating that he was the chief of the Royal Intelligence Bureau (RIB) during King Birendra’s reign.

“Birendra amassed national property in foreign banks instead of utilizing it for the welfare of the poor people of the nation. I was even imprisoned for 38 months when I had requested him to invest money received as international aid in the country,” claimed Sherchan, adding that such actions of the king had compelled him to plot his death. He claimed that if even 40 percent of the fortune had been invested in the country, it would have transformed the country’s economy.

The authenticity of his claim is yet to be verified. Refuting his claim, an aide of the then king said that the Royal Intelligence Bureau had been scraped in 1969.

“How can Sherchan make such claim when Birendra had become the king in 1972 and the RIB was scraped three years ago,” he said.

Birendra along with nine other royal family members were assassinated in the gruesome massacre of June, 2001.

Sherchan claimed he was in prison when the massacre took place and had told his colleagues in Nakkhu jail on June 1, 2001 that the royal family would be wiped out by that night. “It was my secret design and I have video tapes to prove it,” he told journalists on Wednesday.

However, Nepali police records of the 2001 case, show that Sherchan was jailed for duping people, according to local daily The Kathmandu Post.

Police said Sherchan, this time, was taken into custody under the Public Offence Act since his claim could cause great furore in society. As police investigate his claim, he will undergo a check-up to determine his mental state.


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