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Ex-king ready to pay taxes; asks for discount

Posted by Ramesh Khati on August 14, 2009

Ex King Gyanendra

KATHMANDU– Former King Gyanendra Shah has said he is willing to pay the taxes of the property under his name and has demanded concession.

His personal secretariat wrote to the Ministry of Finance recently and requested discount in the Value Added Tax (VAT), income tax, telephone and electricity bills payable of the Nirmal Niwas, located at Maharjgunj, to the Kathmandu Metropolitan Office.

This is the first time after dethronement that the former king has indicated willingness to pay taxes.

The former King has also asked the Ministry to clarify the know-how of the taxes to be paid.

Finance Minister Surendra Pandey informed about the letter, at a programme in the Ministry on Wednesday.

The government could make some special arrangements for the former king if he is willing to pay all the taxes he owes, said Minister Pandey.
The ministry received the letter two weeks ago. The letter has sought the amount the former king and his family owe as electricity bill, telephone bill, income tax, land tax and rental tax. Shah has sought information about land tax for Nirmal Niwas, Jeewan Kunj and Shobha Griha. Nirmal Niwas and Jeewan Kunj are being used by the former king and his family, while Shobha Griha has been let out.

The government is yet to ascertain the exact amount Shah owes. According to the Finance Ministry, the Inland Revenue Department will seek income tax details, while related government agencies will check details of electricity, telephone and land dues. Nepal Electricity Authority had asked Shah to pay the pending electricity bill in October 2008. Shah and his relatives owe NEA a whopping Rs 77.7 million, including a fine of Rs 12.5 million.

Source:Kantipur Online

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