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Night running of trains suspended for 3 days

Posted by Ramesh Khati on August 14, 2009

GUWAHATI, Aug 13 – With the threat of militants targeting passenger trains looming large, the security measures along the tracks and railway stations have been beefed up and the NF Railway has suspended night running of trains for three days. Railway sources told The Assam Tribune that night running of trains from 6 pm would be suspended for three days with effect from tomorrow as a part of security measures and even the goods trains would remain suspended. Sources said that several major trains would have to be rescheduled or short-terminated because of suspension of night running.

Meanwhile, talking to this correspondent, Superintendent of Police, GRP, B Singha gave a detailed account of the security measures undertaken by the police in the stations and on the tracks. He said that all the passenger trains are being preceded by a security special engine since yesterday. He revealed that patrolling of the tracks by the GRP and Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel have been intensified. The police forces of the concerned districts as well as the Village Defence Parties (VDPs) are also carrying out foot patrolling on the tracks, while, vulnerable portions of the tracks are being patrolled with motor trolleys.

Singha revealed that security measures in the railway stations have also been intensified and the security personnel have been directed to frisk all the passengers. “Such a step will definitely cause inconvenience for the passengers but they should realize that we are doing it for their security,” he added. He revealed that the entry points of the stations have been guarded to prevent entry of unauthorized persons into the platforms. The porters have been directed to wear uniform and their numbers to prevent entry of unwanted persons into the stations in the guise of porters.

The GRP SP further revealed that “Railway Surakha Samitis” have been constituted in all the Railway stations comprising security personnel, Railway staff, porters, authorized vendors and even auto and taxi drivers and the members of such committees have been trained up to look for suspicious objects and suspicious movement of any person in the station premises.

Source:Assam Tribune


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