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A never ending journey of ‘hope and despair’

Posted by Ramesh Khati on August 17, 2009


New Delhi:Once again, news of a girl from Darjeeling being trafficked to overseas has come into light raising eyebrows and even questions echoing “Is Darjeeling becoming a hotspot for illegal placement services and human traffickers?” Now the answer would be yes! There have been rampant cases of children, men and women being trafficked within or outside the country for greener pastures.

The journey of their exodus begins right from the villages to the concrete jungles where they land up to the perfect strangers being molested, abused, stranded and even risking their lives for the betterment of their dependants.

There may be several factors attributed to this trauma, may be unemployment, lack of better educational facilities or lack of initiating a self empowered/self employed economic avenues. To say the problem has been more acute and grave than before in Darjeeling and adjoining areas.

It has been seen that several kingpins of this vicious trade acting as agents/brokers are active in metros and in villages as well for intra – country and inter-country placement services. The girl referred above fell prey to these anti-socials.

Arpana Chetri a resident of Sukhiapokhri, Darjeeling district, Aged-21, daughter of a daily wage earner was found stranded in a bad condition with several injuries by a noble Nepali men ‘Bishnu’ at Katwaria Sarai within the national capital. Most probably the girl had been brought by some unknown and had abandoned her. He admitted her at RML hospital, New Delhi but couple of weeks later symptoms of tuberculosis showed signs. Her father took her to TB Hospital at Mehrauli, New delhi, it seems a never ending journey of plight began right from the day when she left for good. An obvious case of brutality meted by her employer at Riyadh, Saudi Arab whose whereabouts are not known. The incident has left the girl numb a total turnaround from a cheerful, talkative to a state of traumatized victim her voice never being heard again. The girl was lured by a local agent of Darjeeling on the pretext of a free visa towards the “destination to hell”.

Members of Gorkha shaheed sewa samitee -an NGO heard about the incident and rushed to the T.B Hospital to find out the whole matter wherein they sought to investigate the matter thoroughly and may bring the culprit to book. They even extended help to the family of victim by bearing a meager
amount of the medical expanse.

At this critical juncture wherein watchdogs are not prepared enough to restrain such activities, the need of the hour! – ‘vigilant parents’ as well as ‘socially responsible social groups’’. It seems that she is fortunate enough that her parents came to her rescue. Most of such incidents often go unreported and the victims remain untraced.


One Response to “A never ending journey of ‘hope and despair’”

  1. pinky said

    Dear Kamal,

    Thank you for highlighting this. The Gorkha shaheed sewa samitee or the girls’ parents can get in touch with NGO who provide care and counselling to sich victims. Since she is going through a deep pyschological trauma, counselling will help overcome this tragic incident and she will be able to sope up with life.Delhi based NGOs like STOP and Shaktivahini will be able to help the girl.Shaktivahini may also take legal recourse to ensure justice to the victim.

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