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Around the world on bicycle with message

Posted by Ramesh Khati on August 17, 2009

GANGTOK, 16 AUG: A world cyclist who has travelled 53,000km across 21 countries is in the state as part of his global expedition. twenty-one year old Mr Saurav Dahal from eastern Nepal has been pedaling since 2002, spreading the message of ‘equal education for all without discrimination’. According to Mr Dahal, he has visited more than 21 countries including Bhutan, China, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Uzbekistan and Egypt to name a few. “I wish to reach at least 150 countries within 2020 to spread the message,” said Mr Dahal.
On the saddle of a BMX 4-geared bicycle, Mr Dahal carries all his stuff including foldable tents, sleeping bag, repair kits and some dry fruit to sustain him in remote destinations.
The cyclist is on a 15-day tour to Sikkim, where he would visit all four districts and interact with school children. “I like to share the global standards of education I have seen during my tour,” he said. Last week he reached Gangtok after his visit to Darjeeling .
He further expressed the hardships he has faced during the seven year journey. “While in China, when I asked for the toilet, I was given a cup of tea. Beyond linguistic barriers, all have co-operated me, except for one instance, in Cooch-Behar, when I was looted and my bicycle was stolen,” he recalled. During his China visit, lack of money compelled Mr Dahal to eat food items thrown in the trash, a day before their expiry date. “At times I stay in luxury hotels and sometimes I lay my tent on footpaths,” said Mr Dahal.
Interestingly, after the completion of the world tour in 2020, the young cyclist has planned to write a detailed account on the hardships, experiences and the prevailing education system in different countries he has traveled.
After touring Sikkim, Mr Dahal would visit the northeastern states and later other parts of India during his eight-month visit.
He further mentioned not having any financial sponsors during his entire tour.
However, he has given some financial assistance in some countries he has visited. Recently, a Nepalese media house has made him its brand ambassador.

Source:The Statesman


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