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NSCN-IM accused Assam Rifles

Posted by Ramesh Khati on August 18, 2009

Dimapur, August 17 2009: At the backdrop of the pandemonium arising out of the Assam Rifles and NSCN-IM stand-off in Ukhrul district, the later group has accused the former of violating the ceasefire ground rules.

The NSCN-IM in a statement issued to the media in Dimapur tonight said that the Assam Rifles’ ‘Friends of the Hills’ tag has converted into ‘Enemy of the Hill people’.

The NSCN-IM also stated that the outfit is compelled to make this clarification over the incident at Shakot village on August 12 under Ukhrul district, ‘in view of the unfounded, fictitious and fabricated allegations to cover up its own intentional misdeeds with misleading information.

“The NSCN/GPRN in order to do away with falsified misgivings make known the causes of the incident very clear that the incident was a deliberate violation of cease-fire ground rules undermining the agreed terms and conditions to create needless situations to meet their own vested interest as usual.

It is worth mentioning that on 14th June 2001, Mr.Vajpayee, the then Prime Minister of India issued an official clarification saying that the cease-fire between India and NSCN ‘applies to all the areas where they have been fighting’,” it added.

The statement of the outfit then said that in order to give the true picture of the incident the following statements were given in the greater interest of the general public that the Tankhul frontal organizations- Tangkhul Naga long(Tangkhul Hoho), Tangkhul Shanao Long(Tangkhul Women’s League), Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong (Tangkhul Students Union), Tangkhul Mayar Ngala Long (Tangkhul Youth Council), Tangkhul Wungnao Long (Tangkhul Village Chiefs Association), and Naga People’s Movement for Human Rights-representing all the Tangkhul Naga population in particular and the whole Naga public in general are deeply concerned by the recent incident of unprovoked firing by the Assam Rifles, under 10 sector, upon a group of NSCN (IM) cadres between Godah and shadok villages under Phungyar Police Station in Ukhrul district on 12th August 2009 .

We are also concerned and deeply aggrieved by the cold-blooded murder of ‘sgt.maj’.

Salmon Hungyo, aged about 28 years, of Chahong village, a cadre of NSCN (IM) by the Assam Rifles after being arrested and tortured to dead near the site of the incident.

“We see this as a disturbing development, and as an effort to destabilize and butcher the hard-earned peace and stability in the region.

Such incidents, instead of resolving problems further exacerbate, promote, and feed violence.

“Random bombings by the Assam Rifles in civilian areas are taking place, particularly in and around Godah, Shakok, Loushing, and Loushing Khumthak villages under Phungyar police station in Ukhrul District, Manipur.

This goes against all the accepted fundamental principles, norms, and foundations upon which the Indian Republic is founded, and in international norms and conventions.

“The incident has put a huge number of populations in the area at risk and has violated their fundamental right to personal and emotional security.

We would like to draw the attention of the media as well as the general public that a large number of villagers who are in their paddy fields, in hunting grounds, etc.

being their hearth and home as forest people, are unable to return to their villages as a result of the present incident.

We would like to further draw attention to the most uncalled for and unacceptable harassment of the public in many villages in Phungyar block who have been restricted from moving out of their house.

There are still individuals, who were carrying out their normal course of daily activities, whose whereabouts are still not known.

These practices are manifestations of an unhealthy trend towards violence and confrontation,” the NSCN-IM statement alleged.

Meanwhile, the NSCN-IM statement expressed its profound disappointment ‘by the callous attitude’ of the Assam Rifles in preventing civil societies from visiting the villages affected by the incident on August 12.A team of civil society leaders including representatives of the United Naga Council, Manipur, North East Indigenous Women Forum, Tangkhul Naga Long, Tangkhul Shanao Long, etc were stopped from proceeding further at Shakok villge by the CO 23 Assam Rifles, the statement alleged.

The outfit also alleged that the Assam Rifles personnel have cut off the Optical Fibre Cables (OFC) at Hundung Cement Factory, the only existing means of communication from Ukhrul to outside world.

The NSCN-IM then expressed its strong support to the Tangkhul peoples’ resolved to start a non-cooperation movement against the Government of India from 6pm today until “our physical and emotional security is guaranteed and ensured”.

“The ridiculous statement of the notorious Assam Rifles that says, ‘it will continue to operate professionally and effectively against UG cadres and ensure safety and security of populace’ is a mockery of justice to maintain peace and security in the region with rampant human rights violations, atrocities and harassment against the innocent general public just to fool the public with their persistent misleading sinister campaign in the region”, said the outfit in a statement.

Meanwhile, the NSCN-IM seriously views the “irresponsible and controversial statement” of General Mandhata Singh; Chairman of cease-fire monitoring group blatantly saying that “his jurisdiction is limited to Nagaland only and he has no comment on the incident” is highly questionable.

“If his statement is to be treated as true then, why there were three designated camps in Manipur as per cease-fire terms and conditions mutually agreed upon between NSCN/GPRN and GOI? The NSCN/GPRN strongly questions as to whether he has been authorized to make such unwarranted statement or is it the ignorance and denial of his own responsibility as a responsible person who has been assigned to oversee and contain all such untoward incidents in the region as per cease-fire agreement,” concluded the NSCN-IM in a statement.

Source:-Hueiyen News Service / Newmai News Network


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