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Nepal PM begins his talks with defunct Indian leaders, meets Yechury

Posted by Ramesh Khati on August 19, 2009

(Telegraph Nepal)“India has attached great importance to our visit this time and they have taken this visit in a positive manner”.

With no such positive remarks coming from the Indian side as yet and a junior state minister receiving the PM’s entourage at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, the disgraced Prime Minister of Nepal on his own was forced to make such irrelevant and self-made remarks.

With State minister for foreign affairs Pranit Kunwar receiving the Nepali PM at the Airport, it becomes pretty clear as to what importance has India granted to this visit, say experts.

Nevertheless, Nepal’s Prime Minister Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal hinted that the possibility of the import of weapons from India remained intact.

Talking to Nepali journalists-who are a part of the PM’s New Delhi junket, said PM Nepal, “We do not want heavy and lethal weapons.”

“There could be no second opinion that Nepal Army needs weapons to guarantee peace and security in the country.”

“We do not want heavy and lethal weapons and we will not sign any agreement that is against the peace agreement made with the Maoists”, he said.

Prime Minister Madhav Nepal first met with the defunct and a political non entity Communist leader of India, Sita Ram Yechuri and leader of the main opposition, Bharaitya Janata Party Mr. Arun Jaitley.

When the beginning is bad then the end must be very very bad.

It is reported that PM Nepal had urged the defunct and redundant Yechuri to visit Nepal and play a mediatory role in between the ruling coalition and the Unified Maoist Party.

Yechuri is considered as the mentor of present day communist leaders of Nepal more so of the Maoists.

PM Madhav Nepal will meet the Pakistan born Prime Minister of India, Dr. Man Mohan Singh and Italian Queen Congress-I President Smt. Sonia Manio Gandhi-the de facto ruler of the former British Colony.


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