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Sikkim traffic gets into the act

Posted by Ramesh Khati on August 19, 2009

GANGTOK, 18 AUG(The Statesman): To minimise traffic rules violation and road accidents, the state traffic police would launch an awareness cum checking campaign across the state.
According to Dr MS Tuli, superintendent of Police, East district, the programme would involve fitness and documents checking of vehicles in the state in addition to creating awareness about traffic rules.
As part of its traffic education initiative, schools students would be trained for a week on the safety rules to be followed on the road. The students would be given training on hand traffic signaling during the weeklong module to be conducted during SUPW or extra classes in schools.
Mr Tuli has urged all concerned to co-operate with the traffic police for implementation of traffic rules and smooth passage along state roads.
The police would conduct regular checks to counter the use of black film shield and other fitness issues like headlights, indicators and view mirrors would also be checked thoroughly. Vehicles without proper documents, registration plates and two wheelers without helmets would be invoiced by the traffic police during the checking. The move is seen as an act of the state traffic police to ensure proper road discipline and to minimize road accidents. The SP further said that all new vehicles should be registered within the stipulated time.
Government vehicles have been exempted from the deadline, as it would involve official proceedings to do so. In this respect, the police would book any public vehicle plying with temporary number plates beyond the registration deadline.


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