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Honour my dignity

Posted by Ramesh Khati on August 20, 2009


crime against women

Why are some sections of Indian men intolerant to the other half of the population? Why is it that the women are always at the receiving end? Why am I being looked at and stripped as if I am some kind of a brand and commodity? Similar such questions have been bothering me since a long time. And each time I hear about the unthinkable crimes being committed against young girl child or a woman, my heart quivers. And at these moments, I honestly feel the loss of not being born as a man.

Can we for a minute lay down our obsolete mores, superficial differences of religion, caste and geographic boundaries and think hard about why are women in India not safe, even in their own homes. I would like to question the higher ups, the young force who clearly shone in the recently held general elections — does safety for women, ever, feature as a top most priority in their lengthy arguments? India at one hand is scoring international praise for it economy, whereas on the other hand, crimes of all kinds, heard and unheard of are being perpetuated against women. Incidents such as rape, sexual exploitation, eve teasing, public groping, dowry death, mercy killing, trafficking of women and child, female foeticide and gender biasness: these are what an average Indian woman has to face in India.

Of all the crimes, rape is on the rise. A recently released report by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) stated that a total of 20,737 rape cases were registered in 2007 against 19,384 in 2006, while the figure was 18,359 in 2005 and 18,233 in 2004 against 15,847 in 2003. A last year’s report indicated that there were 38,734 cases of sexual molestation. Crime against woman has increased by manifold. There has been a jump of 700% since the time NCRB started keeping records. As per the same report, Delhi reported 29.5% (524 out of 1,775) of total rape cases, 31.8% cases (1,021 out of 3,207) of kidnapping & abduction of women,15.6% cases (111 out of 711) of dowry deaths, 14.2% cases (1,711 out of 12,031) of cruelty by husband and relatives and 21.5% cases (744 out of 3,463) of molestation. The picture is almost the same — be it Gurgaon, Mumbai, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab or some nondescript town or village — the fact of the matter is; this country is extremely unsafe for women.

What is the root cause behind this behavioral and physical malice? What agitates them to resort to such a violation of dignity? How can somebody get pleasure by causing pain and suffering to others? Some sections of the society are of the opinion that we as woman ask for such crimes by forgetting our morals, wearing dresses that tempt man, by pubbing and by flouting our traditions and culture. This is indeed utter nonsense and nothing else but a blinkered opinion.

Let us call upon all the faith leaders, the political heavyweights, self acclaimed activists and the celebrities from the entertainment industry .As you rant and rave in front of the camera for every issue , somewhere some unthinkable crime is being committed against a woman.

As a woman, I have been forced to feel paranoid about my surroundings and safety. As a citizen, I am deeply frustrated and angry. And I am sure I am not alone in this feeling.

About the writer:-

Pinky Pradhan

Pinky Pradhan

A native of Guwahati, Pinky is a development communication practitioner and is actively engaged with issues relating to drug abuse, human trafficking, environment conservation and poverty alleviation. She is currently engaged as a communication and advocacy practitioner with a bi-lateral agency called United Nations. She is also a writer and regularly contributes for gorkhatimes, merinews.com, the Northeast Today, assamtimes.org, thesouthasian.org among others.


2 Responses to “Honour my dignity”

  1. Dear Pinky Ji,
    I appreciate the effort that you have put into writing this article.Really it’s spine chilling to go through the numbers and facts that you have written.I agree with you that India is growing economically but so as the crimes against women.

    When Delhi itself is not safe and has been branded as National Crime Region(NCR) instead of National Capital Region,one can understand you feeling paranoid about your surroundings and safety.

    Every women has the right to live freely and safely.Thank you so much for writing such an eye opener I hope people are going to learn something from it.Keep it up.

  2. kamall said

    Bravo keep it up and lets make gorkhatimes a voice of north east – a very well writen write -up
    traversing the untold story of a homo sapien called ‘Women’

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