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‘Jaswant’s expulsion will not impact the party’

Posted by Ramesh Khati on August 21, 2009

SILIGURI, 20 AUG(The Statesman): A senior BJP leader, Mr Rajib Pratap Rudy today said that the expulsion of the Darjeeling MP Mr Jaswant Singh would have no impact on his party’s commitment to advocating the Gorkhaland cause.
Speaking from Shimla where he is attending the party’s Chintan Baithak Mr Rudi said: “Mr Jaswant Singh’s expulsion and the party’s commitment to the cause of the Indian Gorkhas are two separate issues and they should not be muddled together. We are committed to the cause of the Darjeeling hills as per our party manifesto and there is no reason why the BJP would move back from its commitment with the exit of an individual from the party,” he said.
He further said that he would talk to Mr Singh soon on how he intended to proceed on with his canvassing for the emotive cause as the MP from the Darjeeling constituency in the changed situation. “It would be unwise for me to speak much at this point beyond re- affirming unflinching support on behalf of my party to the cause of the Indian Gorkhas,” he added.Another senior BJP leader in-charge of the northeastern region, Mr Harendra Prasad, said that the exit of individuals from the party had nothing to do with its policies.
“Supporting the Gorkha cause was not a personal decision of Mr Singh. It is a collective party stand. Ours is a party which holds commitment much above all petty considerations,” he affirmed.

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