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Gorkha Shaheed Sewa Samiti organises blood donation camp in memory of martyrs – Maj. Durga Malla and Capt. Dalbahadur Thapa of the Indian freedom movement

Posted by Ramesh Khati on September 6, 2009

Report By: KAMAL PRADHAN ( Gorkha Times Delhi Bureau Chief)





New Delhi, 30 Aug: A blood donation camp was held by Gorkha Shaheed Sewa Samiti in memory of martyrs- INA Maj. Durga Malla and INA Capt. Dalbahadur Thapa of the Indian freedom movement.

The blood donation camp was organised on the premises of Indian Red Cross Society blood bank, ( Red Cross road , New Delhi) , a blood donation camp of such magnitude is has been highly applauded

Gorkha Shaheed Sewa Samiti – an NGO has been working for the betterment of the society through its social welfare activities. The event was attended by hordes of people from all walks of life for the noble cause. Dr. Palta (chairman of grievance cell, DPCC) embraced the occasion as a chief guest accompanied by several other dignitaries.

Among the dignitaries – Dr. S.K Sunar explained necessity of such camps for the betterment of the society. Further Mr. Ashok Kapoor thanked president of Gorkha Shaheed Sewa Samiti- Mr. Andrew Gurung vis- a– vis to the members of the organisation and to all those who participated for the noble cause. Further a speech delivered by Mrs. Jyoti Thapa Mani regarding the role of Gorkha Freedom Fighters and Gorkha literary figures in the nation building process. She even cited few lines from the letter sent to her by Commander. Laxmi Sehgal of INA quoting the contribution of Gorkhas during the freedom movement of India and that it was high time that due recognition to the Gorkhas should be given for their contribution towards India’s Independence struggle . Her words were enough to explain the path shown by the great Gorkha martyrs to serve the nation and create a sense of unity amity and brotherhood amongst all denizens.

Mr. Andrew Gurung- President of Gorkha Shaheed Sewa Samiti gave a warm welcome to the people who attended the blood camp and reiterated that he has been delighted by the presence of enthusiastic voluntary blood donors which would obviously encourage him to hold such campaigns at a large magnitude and scale. Furthermore, he thanked Mr. Uttam Chetri, ‘a veteran social worker’ for the support and help extended for the said event.

The underlying objective behind the said event was to help the Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank through its voluntary means for the betterment of the society as a whole, while also to commemorate the social event by paying homage to the martyrs of Indian freedom movement – Maj. Durga Malla and Capt. Dalbahadur Thapa of Indian national Army (INA), their contribution towards the nation cannot be remained unsung.

A saga of patriotism towards the nation- Maj. Durga Malla had to face the gallows on 25th of Aug, 1944 at Delhi central jail while fighting the Britishers. Similarly Capt. Dalbahadur Thapa became a martyr, who was hanged on 3rd may 1945 at Delhi central jail

Gorkha Shaheed Sewa Samiti has been socially active and responsible right from its inception Year 2000, at the national Capital.


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