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State after DGHC dump, says Morcha

Posted by Ramesh Khati on September 10, 2009

Darjeeling, Sept 9(The Telegraph): The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha today declared that it would not settle for anything other than Gorkhaland after the DGHC was dissolved and it would not agree to an alternative arrangement as discussed at the August 11 tripartite talks.

“Gorkhaland is a just demand and we have realised that we cannot stay with Bengal anymore. Our aspirations will only be fulfilled if Gorkhaland is formed,” said Roshan Giri, the Morcha general secretary, while referring to the chief minister’s statement yesterday.

Bhattacharjee, in his speech at Baghajatin Park in Siliguri yesterday, had ruled out the formation of Gorkhaland and appealed to the hill people to remain as part of Bengal.

“We are committed to the cause of Gorkhaland and will not accept anything less than statehood. The only alternative to the Sixth Schedule and the DGHC has to be Gorkhaland.” Giri’s statement goes against the sprit of the agreement reached between the Centre, state and the Morcha delegation during the third round of tripartite talks in New Delhi on August 11.

Following the meeting, the Union home ministry, in a press release, had stated: “It was agreed, in principle, to the (sic) repeal of the DGHC Act, 1988. The repeal of the Act would be processed as soon as an alternative administrative setup/framework is finalised through mutual consultations and agreement.”

If one is to go by the release, it was taken for granted that the interim administrative set-up would first be finalised after which the DGHC would be dissolved.

The Morcha has already stepped up its ante demanding immediate dissolution of the DGHC but till date had refused to speak on the alternative arrangement as stated in the media statement.

Asked about the Morcha’s demand for the implementation of the three-tier panchayat system (the hills have a defunct one-tier system), Giri said such an arrangement could not be considered as an alternative to the DGHC.


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