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Huge Nepal Maoist rally is held

Posted by Ramesh Khati on September 12, 2009

Thousands of supporters of Nepal’s former Maoist rebels have held a rally in the capital Kathmandu against President Ram Baran Yadav.

Maoist protesters have threatened to return to the streets

Maoist protesters have threatened to return to the streets

(BBC)Friday, 11 September 2009:The president’s refusal to dismiss the country’s army chief led to the collapse of the previous Maoist-led government in May this year.

The Maoists accuse the president of undermining the authority of the civilian government.

They say he wrongfully overruled the decision of the cabinet.

Speaking at the rally, the Maoist leader and former Prime Minister, Prachanda, threatened to launch a popular movement unless the Maoists were allowed to form a national government again.

The BBC’s Joanna Jolly in Kathmandu says that many will see the rally as a calculated show of strength by the Maoists.

Prachanda said his party was still committed to Nepal’s peace process but that his supporters were prepared to fight if the current government did not allow the Maoists back into power.

Our correspondent says that the Maoists want the issue of presidential power to be debated in parliament.

But Nepal’s current coalition government has refused to do this.

The Maoists have said that as well as disrupting the workings of parliament they will continue to hold street rallies and protests until this demand is met.

However in his speech Prachanda also said he was willing to give the government another chance to resolve the situation and find a way to let the Maoists work in coalition with Nepal’s other political parties.


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