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Nepalese National Flag

Posted by Ramesh Khati on September 22, 2009

Dirgha Raj Prasai

Dirgha Raj Prasai

Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former member of parliament in Nepal, former consultant of the administrative staff college of Nepal. He has written many books and articles, and is now a political analyst based in Kathmandu contributing to different newspapers and sites.

Prithvi Narayan Shah, the unifier and creator of Nepal is the pride of Nepalese and Gorkhas. It was almost 100 years before Germany and Italy was unified and the restoration of the Meiji dynasty was restored that Prithvi Narayan Shah had unified 54 small fiefdoms to build a large, expanded and strong Nepal. But following the movement of April 2006 and the visionless party leaders came to power, they forgot the Nepalese prestige and identity and smashed the statue of the creator of Nepal, contempt and insulted him and called off the birth anniversary of the great king as a day of national unity. The flag of Nepal was popular before 1768 AD. Nepalese triangular shaped flag has unique identity; to propose to change the flag will undermine Nepalese nationality in the international arena. But, now those who like to change Nepalese national Flag, they are traitors. They are not talking for the sake of Nepal, actually, they are demolisher and anarchists who want abolish all the national identity of Nepal.

In Sanskrit, Hindu means ‘Hi’= Sun, ‘Indu’= moon. Nepalese national flag is also decorated by Sun and Moon. The triangular flag with the Sun and Moon is based on the principles of Hinduism. The national flag of Nepal has its own identity and recognition in the world. The Nepalese flag is very inclusive and represents to all the castes and tribes insisting the nature. The flag of Nepal is the symbol of unity in diversity. The Maoist wants to change the national flag, this means; the Maoists intention is to abolish the identity of Nepalese nationality. Changing the national flag is irrational. The Nepalese people believe, Nepal will remain eternal till there is the Sun and Moon.

Nepal has always shown goodwill towards India. We, Nepalese people also hope the same behaving. The intention of the both country should cordial for the sake of the cultural and traditional-cordialities. Nepal shares 1,880 kilometers of open border with India. We, in Nepal are suspecting that Maoist was protected and armed by some notorious Indians site where as the Indian people always dislike. Nepalese democratic exercise faced the black period in between 2005-2009 AD. During the period, Nepalese people tolerated the worst political practice made by corrupt leaders. The nation achieved the climaxed height of the lawlessness, theft, robbery, ransom and murders. The corruption is out of control. Though freedom of speech is one of the basic pillars of democracy, no one is free to speak and write critically in true sense. Experiences are the proofs to reveal that all the political leaders invested their time and energy just for power and to accumulate big chunk of money, land, home and expensive vehicles. Their amassed properties in the name of democracy are hidden in different banks, lands, big houses and business. They are beyond the reality that the people might be fooled for a moment with the political dishonesty, but not for ever. Democracy has been abused as a ladder for power by the anti-nationalist political leaders.

The secularism & republic is not the current issue in Nepal, the main problem is only how to relief the country from corruptions & foreign intervention. In Nepal, we are suffering from daylight robbery, killings and insecurity of the public life even after handing over the state power to those who led the agitation. We are reading in the website that the relation of Nepalese Maoists is very good with the Indian Maoists. Both organizations are active to establish anarchism, then one-party rule. A Nepalese scholar, Mr. Shashi Malla says- ‘The Maoists want to establish a totalitarian Stalinist state and isolate Nepal from the international arena in pursuit of their antiquated ideology. If nothing is done to stop them soon, our country will be thrown back decades. The Maoist conception of an ostensible federation based on ethnic communities will spell the death-knell of national unity.” What is that? Is it democracy? After the slogans of Secularism, Republic, Federalism, now they are flowing the sugarcoated poison to change the national flag. Similarly, they like to change the Rhinoceros as the national animal replacing Holy Cow. This will enable them to slaughter cows and inhumanely rape Hinduism. So, we, Nepalese people request to Indian people and Medias to exercise goodwill for Nepal as a nearest neighbor. I think, if anarchism establish in Nepal, India also can’t secure. That is the reality?

So, in the context of Nepal, the authorized guardian of the country is the King. We view that effort made both by the King and the people will only enhance the nation & democracy. But the leaders did not like to understand the reality and they declared republic under foreign pressure. The republic, secularism, federalism is becoming the main problem of the country’s stability. To safeguard the nationality & democracy of Nepal and for Indian’s culture and security, the King ought to be re-established as well as the Hindu Kingdom should be regular and the parliament should be strong. Equally, the political leaders must be patriot & be true to what they say. Nepal has become the playground of foreigners the problem will only be resolved when the King and the people’s leaders will be together in regime.

(The views and opinion expressed in this article are that of the author and not of Gorkhatimes, the author can be contacted at email:dirgharajprasai@gmail.com We request individuals with interest in Gorkha Issuses to submit their views to the following e-mail address: gorkhatimes@gmail.com pictures of contributors or images that relate to submissions will be appreciated more)



One Response to “Nepalese National Flag”

  1. Rarmananda Jha said

    Mr. Remesh !
    ‘Nepalese National Flag’ written by DirghaR. Prasai is very praiseworthy. He has expressed analitically. I am the regular reader of The Gorkha Times. I like and read always articles’s of Mr. Prasai. Mr. Prasai wants the sovereign Nepal and extistence of Gorkha in the world. I appreciate his opinion.
    Thank you.
    Ramananda Jha

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