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Nepal Maoists for ‘maximum flexibility’ to end pol. deadlock

Posted by Ramesh Khati on September 30, 2009

Kathmandu(Zee News): A top Maoists’ panel in Nepal has agreed to show “maximum flexibility” in a bid to end the political deadlock between the government and the former rebels that has stalled the landmark peace process.

“We have agreed to show maximum flexibility,” senior Maoist leader Narayan Kaji Shhrestha said after an informal meeting of the Central Committee of the UCPN (Maoist).

The top panel of the Maoist today met informally to assess the political situation and set the agenda for the upcoming meeting of the party’s Standing Committee.

The Maoists have been blocking the Parliament and organising protest rallies in the capital since Prachanda suddenly resigned on May 4 as prime minister after President Ram Baran Yadav reinstated General Rukmangad Katawal, the then Army Chief dismissed by Maoists supremo.

Shrestha said the Maoists are even ready to “completely change” their resolution against the President registered in the Parliament which most other parties have rejected.

“We are ready to table a new, joint resolution if other parties agree,” he explained. “However, the bottom-line is that the president’s move should be touched upon in some form,” he was quoted as saying by the myrepublic online today.


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