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Excerpt Of Jaswant Singh’s Interview with Telegraph

Posted by Ramesh Khati on October 22, 2009

On being asked by Telegraph Jaswant Singh Said,

Q: Has there been any realistic movement on the demand for Gorkhaland since you were elected?

A: The extreme strategic importance of Darjeeling must be appreciated. It’s the only district in the country adjoining four (not in geographical sense but because of proximity to China) international boundaries, it’s sitting at the door of illegal infiltration. Darjeeling is the gatekeeper of the East and the Northeast.

Considering all these, it is vital that we address the questions raised by the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha urgently and sympathetically. The demand for Gorkhaland is not disruptive, it is integrative and an issue vital for national security and interest.

I have been a member of Parliament from Darjeeling for just about six months. I am not disheartened by the progress made, considering the political turmoil within my own party, from which I was expelled. The first tripartite discussion on the issue took place in Delhi. The next one will be taking place in some time at Darjeeling itself.

I am satisfied that, for the first time, the issue of Gorkhaland has featured prominently in Parliament.


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