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Guardians Of Our Tradition

Posted by Ramesh Khati on October 22, 2009

Gorkha Times Exclusive:

Photo feature of a Little Gorkha sister applying Tika on her brother’s fore head during Bhai Tika in Mizoram:-




GT pics by: Ramesh Khati


5 Responses to “Guardians Of Our Tradition”

  1. Prabhat said

    Dear Rameshji
    this is really nice snaps cute girl in gurkha traditional dress. but I have a suggestion the green Pota (mala) is not for kanay (virgin) kati its for the married women only so better we should educate them. even elderly people are doing this mistake.I have seen in many areas like darjeeling ASSAM & NE.

    • I agree with you.But one which the little girl is wearing in not green pote(Mala).Actually the one she is wearing is mala made of wool(green wool) and not green pote beads.She liked it very much and insisted on wearing it.
      Anyways Thanks for the comments.

  2. pinky said

    Thank for photo documenting thi amazing tradition.


  3. Sarita said

    wow ,,,Proud to see my little family through ur website,thanks a million for all these,does not make me feel that i am away from home


  4. chuchi said

    it”s nice to see our tradition being practicized. who said that w’re influenced by wesrtern culture

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