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Sustainable Environment through Whistle Army

Posted by Ramesh Khati on October 27, 2009

GT Report: Roshan Rai

Shillong( GT):Next time someone litters the road or lanes in Meghalaya there could be someone blowing the whistle on the one who litters. The idea of a Sustainable Environment through Whistle Army (SEWA) mooted by Chief Secretary Ranjan Chatterjee who has roped in important stakeholders in this movement, is set to evolve from an idea into an actionable plan.

Recently,students and teachers from 18 schools, 11 from East Khasi Hills and 7 from other parts of Meghalaya gathered at the Yojana Bhavan auditorium to pledge their support to the cause and become active whistle blowers. SEWA aims to sensitise people to protect their natural resources and the surroundings. Children from the 18 different schools were given whistles after they were inducted into the movement and told what their role would be. The meeting discussed ways to preserve the already deteriorating environment, and also stressed on the need to keep the surroundings hygienic including the highways and different rivers of the state. Chief Secretary Ranjan Chatterjee, emphasized on the need to include every one in the cause of safeguarding the environment. Stating that environment is of prime importance and urged the community leaders active participation to come down heavily on highway polluters and those who dump filth recklessly further adding that there was need to make the surroundings more sterile so that Shillong can become a centre of attraction for tourists.. Chatterjee also emphasized on the need to curb down the massive destruction of the environment due to the mining of various natural resources at Jaintia Hills District.

Meghalaya Tourism Development Forum (MTDF) Chairman RG Lyngdoh,also echoed the same way adding that there is an little increase in afforestation and that the people of Meghalaya, should fight against environmental degradation before its all lost. Different community leaders, Rangbah Shnongs, Government officials and school students are all set to make Shillong green and clean, so next time if any of you are in Shillong don’t be surprised when someone blows a whistle at you its the whistle army doing its job.


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